12 Hour Drug Class Helps Eliminate Dangers of Addiction for the Disabled

by Mike Miller September 16, 2014
This is the fifth in a series of blogs here at onlinedrugclass.com looking at the problem of addiction facing disabled individuals. The first four blogs addressed the reasons why disabled people are more susceptible to addiction problems. Now, we turn our attention to the dangers associated with addiction for disabled individuals. As reported in www.addictiontreatmentmagazine.com. Dangers Of Untreated Substance Abuse In The Disabled Whenever substance abuse and addiction go untreated, there a... [More]

Berkeley Teacher Should Have Taken 12 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class

by Mike Miller January 29, 2013
There drug culture surrounding Berkeley, California has been prolific for more than 40 years. Long known as the home of the liberals and hippies, the Grateful Dead and drugs, there is almost a cult-like following of the area. Sometimes the area lives up to its reputation (or down to it depending on your perspective). A teacher at Berkeley High School probably realizes he made a stupid mistake, a sobering experience to say the least. As reported in sfist.com. They say that older is wiser. That ... [More]