Can Drug Education Classes Replace Government Dropping the Ball?

by Mike Miller June 28, 2014
This is the fourth in a series of blogs here at looking at the role of drug prevention played by the US Government. The availability and precision of accurate statistics can be hard to come by. In 2010, NSDUH reported just 60,000 daily or near daily heroin users in American; the number, according to the RAND Corporation (a nonprofit research organization that improves policy through research), was closer to 1 million. Month-to-month reports exposed an even more alarming inco... [More]

Take a 16 Hour Online Drug Class Before Using Heroin

by Mike Miller September 26, 2013
Do you know someone who has tried heroin? How about someone who uses it regularly? Given the current surge in use with the drug, I would not be surprised if you knew a person or two who used. As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I can tell you the number of students in my class who have tried heroin has gone up drastically in the past two years. As reported in Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. About a quarter of everyone who tries it b... [More]

Substance Abuse Education Can Help Conquer Addiction

by Mike Miller April 15, 2013
Would you agree that treatment is not a prerequisite to surviving addiction? As a recovering alcoholic and drug addict it took years of treatment and effort for me to break free of alcohol and drugs. I would agree that it is nearly impossible to quit by yourself. Most addicts fee they can stop on their own. Some can – most cannot. As reported in For most, it is imperative to listen to professional therapists and assumed responsibility for behavior. The reality of... [More]

Do Indians Need 16 Hour Drug Classes?

by Mike Miller December 30, 2012
The answer to that headline is that of course people in India need 16 hour drug classes. Drug addiction is a global problem. What kind of efforts are administrators in India doing to combat a growing drug problem over there? Lack of purpose and opportunity has long affected the younger generation in India. One place they seek solace is in drugs contributing to a severe social crisis. As reported in Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary of India's ruling Congress party, stirred c... [More]