Steelers Running Backs Need15 Hour Drug Education Class

by Mike Miller October 31, 2014
Does it ever shock you when you hear about a professional athlete using drugs? Of course it doesn't. Why? Because it happens almost every week. What shocks me is that they would jeopardize their fragile, short-lived careers to smoke a joint or two. Such is the case of two running backs for the National Football League's (NFL) Pittsburgh Steelers. On August 21st, police pulled over Le'Veon Bell's Chevrolet Camaro. Both Bell and his teammate, Lagarrette Blount (pronounced "blunt" pun intended), w... [More]

Will Breathalyzer Put More People into Marijuana Education Class?

by Mike Miller October 21, 2014
Pot smokers – beware! The day is just about here that police will be able to use a Breathalyzer-type test to determine your level of intoxication with THC. With marijuana legalization making as much progress as it has in the last few years, it was only a matter of time before someone developed a marijuana breathalyzer. It seems a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police is close to doing exactly that. As reported in The new device called the Cannabix was developed by Kal Mal... [More]

Online Drug Class Will Educate You on Marijuana and Driving

by Mike Miller November 18, 2013
Marijuana-impaired drivers are all over the road. Don’t believe me? You should. With medical marijuana legal in 18 states and Washington DC is one of the factors fueling a surge in marijuana use in this country. Most drivers know that alcohol severely affects their ability to drive. However, many marijuana users claim that driving stoned is not dangerous. Law enforcement officials have to grapple with the issue of stoned drivers more every day. As reported in F... [More]