Meth Problem Shows San Diego Needs More Drug Awareness Classes

by Mike Miller April 19, 2014
For most, the stereotype of San Diego, California involves sandy beaches and a warm, moderate climate. But those who know the city intimately, see a darker side. One that is drug-related. Though San Diego is no longer considered the "meth capital," the drug continues to be a huge problem in this Southwest corner of the States. Meth continues to take a deadly toll and the statistics are disturbing. As reported in According to officials from the San Diego County Health and H... [More]

Mexican-Americans Need Drug Classes Too

by Mike Miller September 24, 2012
Hispanic men and women are decidedly different, even when it comes to substance abuse, suggests a study that compared Mexican-American men and women. During the research, alcohol was found to be the number one abused substance among Mexican-American males (40.1 percent), and methamphetamine or cocaine was found to be the most abused substance among Mexican-American females (33.5 percent). The study was sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). “T... [More]

NASCAR AJ Allmendinger Driver Needs Drug Class

by Mike Miller August 23, 2012
In a follow up to a previous blog on AJ Allmendinger, it looks as though NASCAR has acted as usual – very firmly. They have suspended Allmendinger indefinitely and forced him onto their substance abuse program. A sign that he is ready to get back into racing, Allmendinger will immediately start NASCAR's substance-abuse recovery program. He is smart to avoid challenging the accuracy of a failed drug test. This as reported in All that officials know at this p... [More]

Florida Drug Class Could Keep Drugs Out of Your Baby’s System

by Mike Miller May 23, 2012
Florida is seeing a surge in the number of babies born addicted to crack and prescription medication. Not only are they born addicted, but due to parents’ use of illegal drugs, they stay addicted! The effects of a methamphetamine addiction don’t just stop at the user. From the moment of conception to the rest of their lives, children feel the effects of their parent’s or guardian’s addictions - physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. In Florida, out of every 1,0... [More]

Drug Class Could Prevent Meth Mouth

by Mike Miller March 28, 2012
Good dental hygiene is critical to the overall health of the human body. Don’t believe me? Google it! As reported in the Post and Courier, The destruction of the oral cavity is just one of the many harmful and lethal effects of methamphetamine. One of the visual signs of a meth addict is the destruction of the teeth and gums. The nasty-looking tooth decay known as "meth mouth" is a strain on recovering addicts and on the budgets of the of prisons and state governments across the country.... [More]

Moms Need Drug Class

by Mike Miller March 24, 2012
In case you were wondering, crystal meth is a very bad drug. It ruins lives and kills people. Some of the victims are completely innocent. Back in the 1960s people learned it may be bad to smoke cigarettes while pregnant. That proved to be true. How do you think doing meth affects a fetus? Of course, that question was rhetorical. Meth is a stimulant drug that wreaks havoc on the nervous system, causing brain changes that could cause anxiety, mood problems, and violent behavior. CBS news report... [More]

"Shake and Bake" Users Need Drug Class

by Mike Miller February 21, 2012
Despite little if any crackdown on the illegal drugs already popular, makers of synthetic drugs seem to create a new one every day. The dangerous thing about these drugs is parents are the last to learn about them. These drugs are hitting hard as early as 5th and 6th grade! Last week I blogged about a number of horrific cases involving crystal meth. I also blogged about the dangers of all the new synthetic drugs flooding the market. The latest scare is called “shake and bake.” The ... [More]

Could Drug Classes Have Avoided Meth Tragedies?

by Mike Miller February 20, 2012
A day does not pass where a horrific tale of drug abuse wrenches my heart. If you are weak and cannot handle extreme stories of sadness, read no farther. Should you care to glimpse yet another tragic situation in the capital of crystal meth, read on. Trust me these are disturbing. Sick, Sick, Sick Let’s begin by stating this is a story from CBS News about the dangers of crystal meth. That was the drug responsible when a 23-year-old Fresno, California woman fatally shot her two toddlers a... [More]

Meth & Marijuana Use Can Lead to Schizophrenia

by Mike Miller January 29, 2012
If you needed one more reason not to start taking crystal meth how about this – it can increase your chances of suffering from schizophrenia. According to, researchers in Toronto, Canada have found evidence that heavy methamphetamine users might have a higher risk of developing schizophrenia. This finding was based on a study comparing the risk among methamphetamine users not only to a group that did not use drugs, but also to heavy users of other drugs. Methamphetamine... [More]

Antidepressant May Curb Need for Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 24, 2011
Modern medicine is a great thing. While many of today’s prescription medication can be abused, the majority, however, still serve the greater purpose of making life better! Now comes the revelation that an antidepressant drug may help curb meth abuse. The antidepressant mirtazapine may help some methamphetamine addicts curb their use of the drug -- at least in the short term, a small trial suggests. Right now, no medication is approved for treating dependence on methamphetamine, a highly... [More]