US Military Needs to Implement Mandatory 8 Hour Drug Classes

by Mike Miller October 27, 2012
Drug use in the military became well-known as far back as the Vietnam War. While a few of the soldiers smoked marijuana in the jungles of Cambodia things seem to have gotten much worse lately – especially with respect to alcohol. Rising rates of alcohol and prescription drug use among the nation’s armed forces have become a public health crisis. It has gotten to the point where it could negatively affect service members’ abilities to perform their duties. As reported in [More]

Could Detainees at Guantanamo Bay Use a Drug Class?

by Mike Miller October 24, 2012
I have to admit that the headline to this blog entry is somewhat misleading. One might think that the detainees at Guantanamo Bay have access to illegal drugs (like prisoners in most American prisons – although I have no idea how these drugs are actually smuggled in) and have addiction issues. Actually I am talking about the use of drugs by the US military to get detainees to spill their guts. As reported in New evidence has emerged that all Guantanamo Bay detainees... [More]

Drug Classes Could Save Marine Corps’ Trouble

by Mike Miller July 14, 2012
There would be no argument from military officials that drug abuse is a concern for them. The US Marine Corps is trying to be proactive to help its members fight drug abuse. This is especially true for soldiers as Marines who sustained injuries or suffered from anxiety may be prescribed medications to alleviate and treat their condition, however, these pharmaceuticals can prove to be highly addictive and dangerous if used inappropriately. This from The military officials... [More]

Do Soldiers Need a Drug Class?

by Mike Miller May 5, 2012
Using illicit drugs while at war was certainly an issue during the Vietnam War. It appears to be a problem now in Afghanistan too. In the past two years the US Army has investigated 56 soldiers for drug use and eight soldiers have overdosed during this time period. This according to the Daily Mail. The U.S. Army says that while the presence of readily available opium - the raw ingredient for heroin - is a concern, opiate abuse has not been an extensive problem for troops in Afghanistan. While... [More]

Air Force Cadets Need Drug Classes

by Mike Miller April 15, 2012
Our armed forces have long been a role model for our nation’s children. Of course this changed during the Vietnam War when soldiers were caught on tape smoking marijuana. Nevertheless, our nation’s military preparatory academies, West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, have long been examples to our nation’s youth. With drugs supposedly rampant in our professional military, it is no surprise that the younger generation is aping their elders. T... [More]

Take A Drug Class Before Using Synthetic Marijuana

by Mike Miller January 20, 2012
It seems like society is teeming with marijuana everywhere you look. Of course I live in a state where medical marijuana is currently legal so I see the dispensaries all over the place. If there wasn’t enough real weed, now there is a growing market for synthetic marijuana. One area that has seen a great increase among synthetic marijuana user is the US military. Men, armed to the teeth, in incredibly stressful situations, doped out of their mind. Sounds like a lethal cocktail right? U.S... [More]

Seamen Need Drug Education Class

by Mike Miller January 1, 2012
Synthetic drugs are all the rage – along with marijuana, prescription painkillers, …. Even our nation’s servicemen cannot seem to keep from getting loaded while on duty. Of course this isn’t the first time service members used drugs on the job. In Vietnam weed was smoked as often as it could be procured! More than two dozen enlisted crew members aboard the carrier Ronald Reagan are facing discharge from the Navy for using synthetic marijuana. The Navy is processing 28 ... [More]