US Needs Drug Education More Than Gun Laws

by Mike Miller May 2, 2013
All the recent hoopla is about gun laws. People are worried there are too many guns, too dangerous of weapons, and it is too easy to obtain a weapon. They wants laws created to limit all of these. I am neither in favor or against these laws. If criminals want a gun, I am sure they are readily available – probably a lot easier than a law-abiding citizen obtaining one legally. Am I the only one who thinks drugs are more dangerous than guns? I think congress needs to put its two cents in on ... [More]

MIP Classes Help Keep Teens from Abusing Prescription Medication

by Mike Miller April 25, 2013
There is no doubt that prescription drug use and abuse by our nation’s youth is a serious problem. With statistics revealing that almost as many teens experiment with prescription medication as beer and other forms of alcohol it cannot be denied. Now the million-dollar question is – what can you do to prevent your child from abusing prescription meds? As reported in What to Do Parents need to think about their homes and what prescription and over-the-counter dr... [More]

Youth Need MIP Classes Now More Than Ever

by Mike Miller April 13, 2013
A day probably doesn’t go by where I read a story about the horrific problem of prescription drug abuse among our nation’s youth. If you look at the past 30 blog entries I have written for, you will notice that prescription medications are taking up a lot of my material. There is a good reason for this. There is no doubt that more young people are abusing prescription drugs than ever before. As reported in A recent study published in the Journ... [More]

Stopping Teen Use Through Drug Classes

by Mike Miller January 1, 2013
This is the second in a series of blogs examining the abuse of prescription medication by adolescents in America. It is frightening to think that 10% of our nation’s teenagers already suffer from drug addiction. Just how do we treat addicted teens and help parents prevent this under-the-radar and illicit drug use? As reported in The scary thing is how easy prescription drugs are for teens to find. They find them at home, at friends’ houses, even swipe them if the fa... [More]

Minor in Possession Classes Educate on Teen Drug Abuse

by Mike Miller December 24, 2012
Whether you or a parent of a teen or not, the current epidemic of prescription drug abuse by our nation’s adolescents should alarm you. Prescription drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, Ritalin and Valium are the killer new teen high. As reported in According to a recent study, one out of every six American teenagers say he or she has taken a prescription drug at least once in the past year. One in 11 is drug-dependent and one in five show signs of dependence. Those are terrif... [More]

Do You Take Prescription Pain Killers? Take a Drug Class Too

by Mike Miller November 22, 2012
Our nation’s addiction to prescription medication is alarming. Pain killers are the primary culprit. Often people who have a legitimate injury are prescribed these high-powered narcotics, which do such a good job of relieving the physical pain that patients continue their use long after the physical pain subsides. Most of know someone who is addicted top prescription pain killers From Vicodin to OxyContin doctors are prescribing more heavy-duty medications and more of us are becoming addi... [More]

Are Drug Classes Helping Curb Prescription Drug Abuse?

by Mike Miller October 22, 2012
I will admit there has been little good news with respect to prescription drug abuse in the United Sates. As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I have had more students enter due to prescription medication that marijuana! Report after report claim that abuse of prescription medications is at nearly epidemic levels. Could it be that we are turning the tide? As reported in A recent study showed that the number of people 18 to 25 who regularly abuse pre... [More]

Seniors Need 15 Hour Drug Education Classes Too

by Mike Miller October 1, 2012
With all of the big issues facing our nation today and getting attention during this presidential election season, one seems to be getting far too little attention. Are senior citizens an issue to be concerned about right now? I sure think so. As reported in Senior centers offer a variety of programs for seniors, but rarely talks with them about addiction to prescription narcotics. The sad truth is if discussions were help on seniors with addiction issues around prescription ... [More]

Another Reason Why the NFL Needs Alcohol Drug Classes

by Mike Miller September 29, 2012
A WEEK DOES NOT GO BY WITHOUT A PLAYER FROM THE NFL GETTING IN TROUBLE. WHILE ALCOHOL AND DRUGS AND DUIS GET THE MAJORITY OF ATTENTION, THE REAL PROBLEM IS PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION. Players like to joke that there's another name for the "minor car crashes" they survived. In football, they're known as "plays." As reported in With violent collisions a key part of America's favorite game; it's clear why so many players leave the field -- and eventually, the sport -- with the l... [More]