Educate Yourself Before Trying Molly

by Mike Miller January 13, 2014
Have you ever heard of the drug “Molly?” Odds are if you go to clubs, raves or have a teenager you have. This dangerous drug, more commonly known as Ecstasy, has been blamed on the deaths of at least four teenagers recently. Molly — short for "molecule" — is billed as a purified form of MDMA, the main ingredient in Ecstasy. It boosts both serotonin and dopamine, making a person feel happy, and enhancing the pleasure of touch. But Harvard Medical School professor John Hal... [More]

Molly’s Are Dangerous – Take a Drug Awareness Class and Learn More!

by Mike Miller January 9, 2014
A pig is a pig regardless of what you call it. Ecstasy is ecstasy even if you call it “Molly.” As a counselor for drug and alcohol awareness classes, I hear about new drug names all of the time. When a student mentioned her favorite drug was molly I was perplexed. However, after a brief description of the drug’s effects I knew exactly what she was talking about. She claims she had no idea she had taken MDMA, otherwise known as Ecstasy, a club-drug popular at raves and other so... [More]

Drug and Alcohol Course Can Save You From an Unwanted Sexual Assault

by Mike Miller August 15, 2013
There is no denying that chemical substances like alcohol and drugs affect our behavior. Often we will do things while intoxicated that we would not when sober. There is no doubt that drug users will attest to the fact that sometime drugs can impair or have negative effects on one’s decision-making abilities. Intoxicated women most certainly are prone to making poorer decisions than when sober. That is true of all people because, once again, drugs and alcohol impair coherent thought. An... [More]

Take an 8 Hour Drug Course Before Attending a Rave

by Mike Miller August 13, 2013
Have you ever heard of “raves?” Have you ever been to one? Odds are that if you are a heavy partier you have been to a rave. Raves have been a popular social activity for decades, although many see it as merely a place to use drugs and dance. The term rave first came about in the 1950s in Britain and it referred to the wild bohemian parties that were taking place at the time. It was briefly revived in the 1960s and 70s, but didn’t truly come back into fashion until the illegal... [More]