Should Drug Classes be a Part of the Government's Response to Drug Abuse?

by Mike Miller June 18, 2014
This is the third in a series of blogs here at which addresses the role of government in that battle against drug use and abuse. In the previous blogs we looked at how Congress has dropped one of its most vital research programs (I encourage you to go back and read these). The program was called The Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring survey (ADAM). As reported in This survey promised (and delivered) confidentiality and anonymity, arrestees had nothing to... [More]

Does Government Understand the Country's Need for Drug Education?

by Mike Miller May 24, 2014
As the problem with drug abuse in America worsens, many questions need to be asked. First, what role, if any, should the federal government play? Second, what are lawmakers doing to help protect citizens? It seems as though some lawmakers are giving up. One example is the cancellation of a program that could have been helping. The Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring survey (ADAM) was terminated in March, and not one congressmen tried to save it. Now the U.S. is without an accurate estimate of its dr... [More]

Pope Benedict Preaches Need for 15 Hour Drug Education Classes

by Mike Miller April 14, 2012
The time has come for the entire world, secular and non-secular to band together to fight the scourge that plagues our society – drug addiction. In an effort to rid the planet from drugs one of the most notable religious figures is actively joining the fight. Pope Benedict is taking the fight right to one of the main arteries of the problem - Mexico Pope Benedict arrived in Mexico last week promising as reported in Reuters to "unmask the evil" of drug trafficking in a country ravaged by ... [More]

Illegal Search & Seizure, Where Do Dogs Fit In?

by Mike Miller January 23, 2012
In the war on drugs our canine friends are suiting up for battle. Drug and bomb sniffing dogs have been around for a long time, but recently their powerful noses have been creating some powerful questions. One question that has recently arisen is does a dog’s nose constitute probable cause to search or enter. In other words, if a dog smells marijuana is that grounds to enter a locked, private residence. In Florida it has fallen to the states Supreme Court to decide. The Supreme Court agr... [More]

Mexican Police Need Drug Awareness Class

by Mike Miller November 12, 2011
Of course the title to this article is naïve. The corrupt Mexican police force that is on the take from drug cartels needs a lot more than an online drug class to curb cartel power and violence. Raids Mexican President Felipe Calderon's office did not respond for requests for comments on the CNDH findings, but it says his strategy is showing results with the capture of major gang leaders and a drop in homicides in violent cities like Ciudad Juarez, where murders fell to 1,550 so far this ... [More]

Mexican Drug Cartels Target Texas Teens

by Mike Miller October 30, 2011
Are our borders safe from the violence of Mexican drug cartels?  I sure hope so, because the war on drugs may be crossing our borders. The Texas Department of Public Safety issued a warning to state residents that didn't sound at all alarming; it just mentioned that "the Mexican Cartels are Recruiting Texas High School Students." What the Heck Does That Mean? Seriously, the cartels are recruiting American teenagers and we should not be too alarmed? Mexican Cartels have corrupted nearly ... [More]