Whitney Houston Another Celebrity Drug Tragedy

by Mike Miller February 12, 2012
I know guys are not supposed to admit this but I think Whitney Houston’s music is beautiful. She possessed one of the greatest voices I have ever heard. She could carry a note alongside any great opera singer. In the end, unfortunately, Whitney became just another Hollywood drug tragedy. Drowns in Bathtub Houston drowned alone in a bathtub having accidentally overdosed on a cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol after two back-to-back evenings of out-of-control binges. The star was... [More]

Seniors Could Use Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller December 3, 2011
An often forgotten segment of the population when it comes to substance abuse is senior citizens. Perhaps it is because people think they are “older and wiser,” and would not be addicted to chemical substances. That certainly is not always the case. Part of the Problem Seniors, who often take multiple medications prescribed by different doctors, are at risk for prescription drug abuse and may be subject to overdose and interaction side effects from those medications. People aged 6... [More]

Addictive Drugs - Benzodiazepines

by Mike Miller October 20, 2011
You may have heard this question before, but how many people do you know currently taking benzodiazepines? Because they are taken in pill form, odds are people all around you are taking them and you don’t know it.  I would venture to guess two or three of your acquaintances are using this prescription medication. This is part of our blog series on addictive drugs. But what exactly are benzodiazepines and are they addictive?  Benzodiazepines are psychoactive drugs whose effects i... [More]

Americans Need Drug Class

by Mike Miller September 24, 2011
How many people drugs kill every year, I assure you the problem is bad and getting worse. In 1979 the U.S. Government began tracking drug-related deaths and for the first time those deaths have surpassed the number of traffic fatalities on an annual basis. The most recent statistics, taken in 2009, show that 36,284 people died in traffic related accidents while 37,485 people died from drug related activities in a one year period. For those of you who read this blog regularly you know the prim... [More]