Disabled Could Benefit from 8 Hour Alcohol and Drug Course

by Mike Miller September 21, 2014
This is the sixth and final installment of the series of blogs looking at the relationship between drug abuse with respect to disabled individuals here at onlinedrugclass.com. So far we have examined the reasons why disabled people are at higher risk of addiction issues as we all some of the dangers associated with their addiction to drugs. Today, we will continue to look at some of the dangers of drug addiction disabled individuals face as well as look at substance abuse treatment options. As ... [More]

12 Hour Drug Class Helps Eliminate Dangers of Addiction for the Disabled

by Mike Miller September 16, 2014
This is the fifth in a series of blogs here at onlinedrugclass.com looking at the problem of addiction facing disabled individuals. The first four blogs addressed the reasons why disabled people are more susceptible to addiction problems. Now, we turn our attention to the dangers associated with addiction for disabled individuals. As reported in www.addictiontreatmentmagazine.com. Dangers Of Untreated Substance Abuse In The Disabled Whenever substance abuse and addiction go untreated, there a... [More]

Drug Education Classes Could Keep Disabled People Healthier

by Mike Miller September 11, 2014
This is the fourth in a series of blogs here at onlinedrugclass.com looking at the addiction issues faced by those with disabilities. People with handicaps, be it mental, physical, or emotional, are more susceptible to addiction. In the first three blogs we looked at some statistics and a few of the reasons why the disabled are so more susceptible to addiction problems. If you have not read them, I encourage you to go back and catch up at the onlinedrugclass.com blog. As reported in www.addicti... [More]

Drug Classes Can Help Disabled Face Addiction Issues

by Mike Miller September 6, 2014
This is the third in a series of blogs here at onlinedrugclass.com addressing the addiction issues faced by disabled individuals. We are currently looking at some of the reasons why the disabled may be at higher risk for addiction. If you missed the first two installments, I encourage you to go back and read them at the onlinedrugclass.com blog. Do you know someone who is disabled (mentally or physically)? Do you think they may be suffering from addiction issues? If not, you might want to confi... [More]

Disability Can Lead to Addiction – Drug Education is Helpful

by Mike Miller September 1, 2014
This is the second in a series of blogs looking at addiction issues faced by those suffering some form of disability. In the first installment we looked at a few figures showing that those who are disabled are more likely to suffer from addiction issues. Why are the disabled at higher risk of addiction issue do you think? As reported in www.addictiontreatmentmagazine.com. Potential Reasons For Higher Risk Following are a couple of potential reasons that living with a disability can increase t... [More]

Should Drug Classes be a Part of the Government's Response to Drug Abuse?

by Mike Miller June 18, 2014
This is the third in a series of blogs here at onlinesdrugclass.com which addresses the role of government in that battle against drug use and abuse. In the previous blogs we looked at how Congress has dropped one of its most vital research programs (I encourage you to go back and read these). The program was called The Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring survey (ADAM). As reported in www.thedailybeast.com. This survey promised (and delivered) confidentiality and anonymity, arrestees had nothing to... [More]

Drug Education Classes Not Enough for Philip Seymour Hoffman

by Mike Miller February 3, 2014
There is no denying that Philip Seymour Hoffman was an immensely talented actor. From the stage to the big screen, Hoffman delighted fans from of all ages enjoyed his work. Hoffman was also one of the most popular actors in the game among his colleagues. Unfortunately, Hollywood has lost another one of its great talents to drug addiction. Hoffman, who admitted to battling heroin addiction in his youth, had been sober for more than 25 years before taking up the drug again in 2013. He entered reh... [More]

Heidi Fleiss Needs More Than Online DUI School

by Mike Miller November 26, 2013
Her troubles have been well-documented and well-publicized. Heidi Fleiss, the woman formerly known as “The Hollywood Madam”, continues to reveal through her actions that her life has been ravaged by addiction. Fleiss is in trouble again. As reported in www.reviewjournal.com. She was arrested after police said they caught her driving under the influence of marijuana. This charge was just two days before a scheduled court appearance on charges related to a marijuana growth operation ... [More]

Substitute Online Tobacco Class Over an E Cigarette for Breakfast

by Mike Miller November 24, 2013
Advertising is a powerful thing. Often times we do not even realize the effect advertising has on us until after we have desired a product. I have now gained fodder for three blog entries based on one very pretty advertisement I saw on the door of my local Starbucks. As a counselor for tobacco classes, I have witnessed hundreds of people working hard to keep our nation’s youth away from cigarettes and nicotine. Finally, in 2012, smoking among teens was at its lowest level in more than hal... [More]

Online Tobacco Class Really The Healthier Part of Breakfast

by Mike Miller November 22, 2013
Let me begin by saying that I understand the ravages of nicotine addiction. I suffered under them for almost 15 years. And not a day goes by that in some way shape or form that I still am not suffering. For the past five years or so the urges to use tobacco and feel the effects of nicotine have waned. Now, with the flux of youth and adult alike toking up on e-cigarettes virtually everywhere including the supermarket (yes I saw and smelled the bubble-gummy goodness in the market yesterday, the u... [More]