Jack Swagger, Pro Wrestler, Could Benefit from a 24 Hour Drug Course

by Mike Miller June 11, 2013
For those of you who think professional wrestling is a total farce, just try going through the charades they go through week-in and week-out. While the matches are choreographed by some of America’s finest choreographers, make no mistake, there is extreme physical impact on pro wrestlers’ bodies. There is no denying there are many addicted to prescription medication, alcohol and other drugs. For such a wild bunch they manage to stay relatively clean with respect to getting caught. ... [More]

Fred Smoot Proves He Needs a DUI Class by Pissing in his Pants

by Mike Miller February 23, 2013
Have you ever heard the name Fred Smoot? If you are a fan of the National Football League and the Minnesota Vikings, his name most certainly will ring a bell. Before December, 2012, the most notable attribution was that Smoot was a member of the Vikings and had orchestrated a sex party on a boat that got a bunch of people in a slew of trouble. As reported in www.sportsgrid.com. I am glad to see he is maturing in his old age and enjoying his retirement. Last we heard from him, he was taking onl... [More]

Another Reason Why the NFL Needs Alcohol Drug Classes

by Mike Miller September 29, 2012
A WEEK DOES NOT GO BY WITHOUT A PLAYER FROM THE NFL GETTING IN TROUBLE. WHILE ALCOHOL AND DRUGS AND DUIS GET THE MAJORITY OF ATTENTION, THE REAL PROBLEM IS PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION. Players like to joke that there's another name for the "minor car crashes" they survived. In football, they're known as "plays." As reported in www.startribune.com. With violent collisions a key part of America's favorite game; it's clear why so many players leave the field -- and eventually, the sport -- with the l... [More]

NFL Needs to Implement Mandatory Drug Classes

by Mike Miller September 11, 2012
Is it just me or does it seem like one National Football League player after another has been arrested this past off-season for driving under the influence? Forget that Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson might not have been drunk when he head-butted his wife and sent her scurrying to the neighbors a bloody mess. In one week three NFL players, besides Johnson (formerly known as Chas Ochocinco – since he wears number 85) were arrested and two of them for alcohol-related offenses and ... [More]

NCAA Should Mandate Athlete Drug Classes

by Mike Miller September 9, 2012
Does the NCAA have a drug problem? This question is specifically aimed at collegiate athletics. I am talking of both steroids and recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and prescription pain medication. As a counselor for both in-class and online 12 hour drug classes I can assure that I have had many students who competed or are still currently competing in sports in the NCAA. One of the best collegiate football players in the country is now trying to resurrect both his life and hi... [More]

Son of Eagles’ Head Coach Andy Reid Needed Pennsylvania Drug Class

by Mike Miller September 3, 2012
Garrett Reid, the son Philadelphia Eagles coach Any Reid loved more than life itself succumbed to drug addiction a few weeks ago. Like many drug addicts who overdose, Garrett succumbed top drugs after a long period of sobriety. With the untimely death of Garrett, addiction is once again in the spotlight, but the perils of addiction can be found anywhere. As reported in www.nj.com. The 29-year-old Garrett had a highly publicized bout with addiction. Most people who knew him said he was a highly... [More]

NASCAR AJ Allmendinger Driver Needs Drug Class

by Mike Miller August 23, 2012
In a follow up to a previous blog on AJ Allmendinger, it looks as though NASCAR has acted as usual – very firmly. They have suspended Allmendinger indefinitely and forced him onto their substance abuse program. A sign that he is ready to get back into racing, Allmendinger will immediately start NASCAR's substance-abuse recovery program. He is smart to avoid challenging the accuracy of a failed drug test. This as reported in www.whittierdailynews.com All that officials know at this p... [More]

Pittsburgh Steelers Star Clark Haggans In Need of DUI Class

by Mike Miller July 16, 2012
There is no good reason for driving under the influence of alcohol. As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes my students often try to come up with reasons to justify drinking and driving. Of course it always comes back to your wife is pregnant and she needs to get to the hospital. That is no excuse. Nor is the reason Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebacker Clark Haggans had. In kind of a bizarre story, Haggans, a member of Pittsburgh's Super Bowl XL team - is serving a 48-hour... [More]