Cola Drinker Needs Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller January 11, 2012
Drug addictions come in many forms. Caffeine is an addictive drug. Drinking 42 liters of Diet Coke per week is an addiction problem! Following is a real-life story that you don’t see every day. Darren Jones knows he needs rehab to cure a bizarre addiction to diet cola. The 38-year-old knocks back 42 liters of the drink every week. Now the 500-pound father of two is vowing to get treatment for his $150 a week habit to get fit again and save his relationship with 33-year old mother of two ... [More]

Do Coffee Drinkers Need a Drug Class?

by Mike Miller October 28, 2011
Americans drink coffee by the potful.  I remember my grandmother keeping a pot brewing all day long, probably downing a pot or two a day.  How all that liquid fit into her tiny 4-foot-120 frame is anyone’s guess.  But does coffee consumption lead to drug use? "Scientific" studies are getting more irresponsible every day. A recent study will be picked up by many media though, because the headlines are so sensational. “Coffee and Energy Drink Lovers More Likely To Becom... [More]