Richie Sambora Knows Drug Classes are Important in Fighting Addiction

by Mike Miller August 22, 2014
Whether or not you believe celebrities should be a role model, you will have to admit that it is better when they model good behavior rather than bad, right? I am a devout fan of the band Bon Jovi. Of course the lead singer is Jon Bongiovi. His partner up front is Richie Sambora. Sambora not only understands addiction issues but uses his celebrity to help fight them. As reported in Sports fans might know Sambora best as he and Bongiovi are co-owners of an Arena Football Leag... [More]

Another Celebrity Tragedy -- Drug Education is Critical

by Mike Miller July 13, 2014
Death due to drug use is always tragic. World-famous rocker and Bain-Aid founder Bob Geldof knows the pain one suffers when a life is cut all-too-short due to a drug overdose. Geldof’s beautiful 25-year-old daughter, Peaches died after overdosing on heroin last month. Peaches died in her family home last month while alone with one of her two young sons. Her husband, musician Thomas Cohen, found her body in a spare bedroom in their home. A post-mortem examination failed to establish the ca... [More]

Tori Spelling and Husband Need Drug Class and Marriage Counseling

by Mike Miller July 8, 2014
There are so thousands of people who wish they could make it in Hollywood. So many hope to be in the spotlight, to be stars, to be rich and famous. Tori Spelling, daughter of billionaire TV producer Aaron Spelling has had it all. Now, like many other Hollywood stars, she also finds herself with a drug problem. Can it be possible that the daughter of TV mogul Aaron Spelling is too broke to divorce her cheating husband, Dean? Apparently she is and has turned to drug use and anorexia to get hersel... [More]

Billy Joel Discusses Personal History with Drugs

by Mike Miller July 3, 2014
Sing us a song Piano Man. Sing to us. The Piano Man, Billy Joel, has gone public with his experiences with drug use, abuse and addiction. He could have wound up dead in a bathroom, like fellow New Yorker Philip Seymour Hoffman. Billy Joel opened up about his past drug use is an interview with Shock Jock Howard Stern. He says that heroin scared him. As reported in The 64-year-old star revealed his past drug use in a new interview with Stern. The candid one-on-one sit down was in fro... [More]

McGruff the Crime Dog Headed to Level 4 Drug Class

by Mike Miller March 26, 2014
Are you interested in celebrity gossip? You are if you are like a seeming majority of American citizens who cannot get enough dirt on Hollywood’s actors and actresses. As a kid growing up two mascots who made a strong impression on me were Smokey Bear and McGruff the Crime Drug. Until now I not heard any dirt on either. No, Smokey did not commit arson. This time it was McGruff the Crime Dog who finds himself on the wrong end of the law. The incident happened in Houston, Texas, and of cou... [More]

Jason Wahler is Another Celebrity in Need of Drug Education

by Mike Miller March 21, 2014
Each time we read about another tragic death attributed to drug addiction and overdose we can only hope it helps others get clean. Of course, experience is the best teacher, but the wisest can certainly learn from the mistakes of others. Jason Wahler is the latest celebrity to open up about his battle with substance abuse and addiction in the wake of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. As reported in On February 6th, the former The Hills star wrote a personal essay for The Hu... [More]

Is That Justin Bieber in Your Alcohol or Drug Class?

by Mike Miller February 18, 2014
You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to have heard about teen heart-throb Justin Bieber’s most recent run-ins with the law. In the past two weeks police have searched Bieber’s mansion in Calabasas California searching for evidence of a felony, he has been arrested for driving under the influence, and he turned himself in to Canadian authorities looking to prosecute him on charges he beat a limo driver repeatedly over the back of the head. Would you say that young Mr. Bieber... [More]

Does Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Need an Online Drug Awareness Class?

by Mike Miller February 8, 2014
I am sure you have heard enough about Justin Bieber by now. If so, you need not read any further. However, if you are like the millions of Americans who cannot get enough celebrity gossip, read on my friend. This blog discusses the female company ion who was riding in the Lamborghini with the 19-year-old pop sensation when he was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs – marijuana and prescription medications – back in January. As reported in Supposedly... [More]

Drug Education Classes Not Enough for Philip Seymour Hoffman

by Mike Miller February 3, 2014
There is no denying that Philip Seymour Hoffman was an immensely talented actor. From the stage to the big screen, Hoffman delighted fans from of all ages enjoyed his work. Hoffman was also one of the most popular actors in the game among his colleagues. Unfortunately, Hollywood has lost another one of its great talents to drug addiction. Hoffman, who admitted to battling heroin addiction in his youth, had been sober for more than 25 years before taking up the drug again in 2013. He entered reh... [More]

Heidi Fleiss Needs More Than Online DUI School

by Mike Miller November 26, 2013
Her troubles have been well-documented and well-publicized. Heidi Fleiss, the woman formerly known as “The Hollywood Madam”, continues to reveal through her actions that her life has been ravaged by addiction. Fleiss is in trouble again. As reported in She was arrested after police said they caught her driving under the influence of marijuana. This charge was just two days before a scheduled court appearance on charges related to a marijuana growth operation ... [More]