Colleges Getting Tough With Drug Classes and Enforcement

by Mike Miller March 7, 2012
College life has always had some element of drugs and alcohol. Some campuses certainly are more prone to drug and alcohol issues. It is high time (pun intended) that universities start taking steps to discourage the rampant use of drugs and alcohol on their campuses. One of the schools recently hit hard by drug troubles is Texas Christian University in Ft Worth, TX. The TCU Horned Frogs are the local sweethearts. The school and its sports teams have been the center of their community, almost a... [More]

TCU Football Players Need Texas Drug Class

by Mike Miller March 1, 2012
There is a long-running argument of whether or not scholarship athletes should receive a stipend for spending money. Many believe the free tuition, room and board are enough. Others argue they should receive something as they cannot have a job for spending money. I am certain nobody believes they should supplement their income by selling drugs. Four Texas Christian University football players, including one All-American, were among 17 students arrested as a result of a six-month investigation ... [More]

University of Michigan Students Need Alcohol and Drug Awareness Classes

by Mike Miller September 12, 2011
Alcohol and drugs are quite popular at university campuses around the country. That is a fact that has had relevance for as long as colleges have been around. But is the problem getting worse? People at the University of Michigan are beginning to think so! The MU Police Department reported 21 instances of underage alcohol-related offenses and five marijuana-related offenses between Aug. 18 and Aug. 25. Compared to similar college campuses, MU’s numbers are significantly higher. MUPD rec... [More]