Will 15 Hour Drug Classes Keep College Athletes Safer?

by Mike Miller September 17, 2012
No one will deny that alcohol and drugs are rampant at colleges and universities across the country. Is it naïve to believe that college athletes are immune to the virulent talons of alcohol and drugs? Of course it is. The recent case of LSU Tiger cornerback Tyrann Mathieu is a perfect example. This is a kid who was one of the top 5 players in the entire country. He was busted twice for substance abuse issues and has been cut from the team and is no longer in school. Believe me when I say... [More]

Drug Classes Could Improve NCAA’s Reputation

by Mike Miller September 15, 2012
Do you think the NCAA cares about its student-athletes? I do. While I give the governing body of intercollegiate athletics the benefit of the doubt that it does care, I think it is doing a woeful job educating student-athletes on the dangers of drugs. Furthermore, I think drug use is rampant among college athletes! As reported in bamahammer.com. Drug use has increased in the United States over the last few years among high school and college students. There is no denying that drug use is a pro... [More]

College Students Need Prescription Drug Class

by Mike Miller July 1, 2012
Prescription medication serves a valuable purpose. For those suffering from pain or anxiety these medications can be life-saving. Unfortunately, there are far too many taking these medications for the wrong reasons. Instead of being life-saving, these medications are life-threatening! A new study found a link between prescription drug abuse among college students and more mental health woes like depression and suicidal thoughts. Researchers analyzed data from a 2008 survey of more than 26,000 ... [More]

Colleges Getting Tough With Drug Classes and Enforcement

by Mike Miller March 7, 2012
College life has always had some element of drugs and alcohol. Some campuses certainly are more prone to drug and alcohol issues. It is high time (pun intended) that universities start taking steps to discourage the rampant use of drugs and alcohol on their campuses. One of the schools recently hit hard by drug troubles is Texas Christian University in Ft Worth, TX. The TCU Horned Frogs are the local sweethearts. The school and its sports teams have been the center of their community, almost a... [More]

TCU Students and Athletes Need Texas Drug Classes

by Mike Miller March 5, 2012
Everything seemed to be improving for the Texas Christian University football team. However, the school and the team is now mired in serious drug-related trouble. In a follow up to a blog on members of the TCU football team being arrested in Texas for dealing drugs, we will look at how bad the drug problem is at TCU. Is TCU different from other colleges? If you listen to TCU football players, drug use was widespread among the team. Four players from the team were arrested for selling drugs, a ... [More]

TCU Football Players Need Texas Drug Class

by Mike Miller March 1, 2012
There is a long-running argument of whether or not scholarship athletes should receive a stipend for spending money. Many believe the free tuition, room and board are enough. Others argue they should receive something as they cannot have a job for spending money. I am certain nobody believes they should supplement their income by selling drugs. Four Texas Christian University football players, including one All-American, were among 17 students arrested as a result of a six-month investigation ... [More]

College Students Need Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 19, 2011
Prescription drugs are a wonderful thing, but not when they are abused by people who do not need them. When this happens, it is just another way to get high, and oen step closer to ruining a life. College kids are supposed to be smart, right? It turns out this is not true when it comes to abusing alcohol and prescription medication. A growing number of college students have abused prescription medications such as Ritalin or Adderall. These substances are used to treat attention deficit disorde... [More]

Africans Need Drug Awareness Class

by Mike Miller November 7, 2011
When you think ofAfrica what comes to mind? Perhaps an African safari with elephants and giraffes. One aspect of African society which may come as a surprise to you is college partying and drug addiction. After launching clubs to prevent drug abuse in institutions of higher learning, Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) has also extended the campaign to secondary schools. Through its Anti-Drug Abuse Club (ADAC-KIE), in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports (MIJESPOC) and ... [More]