Take a California Drug Class, Not Heroin

by Mike Miller August 13, 2012
The prescription drug problem keeps getting worse and worse. Not only are so many Americans addicted to prescription meds but they now seem to be turning. into a gateway drug for even worse substances. As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I often discuss prescription medications as gateway drugs with my students. Not surprisingly, many of my students know someone who has used heroin as a substitute for drugs like OxyContin. As reported in www.courierpress.com. Heroin More D... [More]

Could a Drug Class Have Helped Charlie Sheen?

by Mike Miller August 4, 2012
Do you remember Charlie Sheen before he was a drug-addicted horses bottom? Do you remember him early in his career? My first recollection of Charlie was as the troubled teen at the police station in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off starring Matthew Broderick. Sheen played the bad boy Garth Volbeck who despite his appearance was a sweet and intelligent guy that wooed Bueller’s sister played by Jennifer Grey. He rocketed to stardom with outstanding performances in Oliver Stone’s Platoo... [More]

How Can You Tell if Your Teen Needs a Drug Class

by Mike Miller July 28, 2012
The fact that drug use is common among teenagers is undeniable. By late adolescence, a recent study showed that as many as 78 percent of teens have abused alcohol and over 40 percent have used other drugs. Although these statistics are daunting, millions of teens are not using drugs. Which group does your teen belong to? How can you know? Addiction has no single cause, but rather often results from a number of biological, social and psychological risk factors. Here are 5 risk factors for teen d... [More]

Newborn Heroin Addicts Show Need for Parental Ohio Drug Class

by Mike Miller May 26, 2012
Adena Health System (http://www.adena.org/) is applying for grant money to help stem the tide of babies being born to drug-addicted mothers. According to Adena, and reported in chillicothegazette.com, in the past seven months, women at the new Women and Children's Center have given birth to 47 babies who have tested positive for opiates in their bodies -- including heroin -- because of substance-abusing mothers. Ten of those babies had to be treated for opiate addiction before they could b... [More]

Online Pharmacies Increase Need for Drug Classes

by Mike Miller February 18, 2012
With the abuse of prescription medications reaching epidemic proportions it is unbelievable that there are online pharmacies doling these medications without requiring so much as a prescription. Some online pharmacies that want to consider themselves legitimate require a fax of the prescription, never verifying its veracity. Online Pharmacies Some illegitimate online pharmacies sell drugs with no prescription or medical information at all while others ask for completion of a questionnaire befo... [More]

Online Drug Class Movie Review

by Mike Miller January 3, 2012
Fewer and fewer Hollywood films glorify drug use. When I was a kid I thought Jeff Spicoli was the coolest guy on the planet. Sean Penn instantly became my favorite actor! Now with movies like Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” and television shows like AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” drug use and abuse is not shown in a positive light. Now comes a powerful short film “Our Scene” to help warn youngsters of the consequences of taking drugs. The English-lang... [More]

Drug Court Attendees Could Benefit from Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller December 28, 2011
With the prevalence of drugs in society today it is no surprise that courts around the country are clogged by people arrested for drugs. One of the answers is drug courts. It’s been a long time coming, but this is a modern approach to the drug scourge that we need to take. Drug abuse isn’t something that will be wiped out in our lifetime, our children’s lifetime or probably ever, but it’s also something that can’t be ignored. High Cost of Jailing Users So lock up... [More]