Disability and Addiction: Online Drug Class is a Powerful Resource

by Mike Miller August 27, 2014
The image conjured up of someone disabled is a person in a wheel chair having trouble with mobility, right? There are many types of disability, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. With disability often comes pain and suffering. From pain and suffering can spring addiction. Whether a disability stems from an accident or a medical condition, such as multiple sclerosis or a serious mental health disorder, it often has a serious and negative impact on a person’s emotional well-being. I... [More]

Richie Sambora Knows Drug Classes are Important in Fighting Addiction

by Mike Miller August 22, 2014
Whether or not you believe celebrities should be a role model, you will have to admit that it is better when they model good behavior rather than bad, right? I am a devout fan of the band Bon Jovi. Of course the lead singer is Jon Bongiovi. His partner up front is Richie Sambora. Sambora not only understands addiction issues but uses his celebrity to help fight them. As reported in wogl.cbslocal.com. Sports fans might know Sambora best as he and Bongiovi are co-owners of an Arena Football Leag... [More]

Jason Wahler is Another Celebrity in Need of Drug Education

by Mike Miller March 21, 2014
Each time we read about another tragic death attributed to drug addiction and overdose we can only hope it helps others get clean. Of course, experience is the best teacher, but the wisest can certainly learn from the mistakes of others. Jason Wahler is the latest celebrity to open up about his battle with substance abuse and addiction in the wake of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. As reported in www.people.com. On February 6th, the former The Hills star wrote a personal essay for The Hu... [More]

Increase in Heroin Use Means Greater Need for Drug Awareness Classes

by Mike Miller September 22, 2013
This is the third in a series of blogs addressing the current epidemic increase in the use of heroin. In the previous blog we looked at how heroin has made its way out of the ghettos and into middle class and even upper class neighborhoods. Did you know that last year in Portland, Maine heroin killed 21 people? That is three times as many as in 2011. New Hampshire recorded 40 deaths from heroin overdoses last year, up from just 7 a decade ago. In Vermont, the Health Department reported that 914... [More]

NBA Star Lamar Odom Missing: Needs Drug Class ASAP

by Mike Miller September 4, 2013
Hollywood is chock-full of crazy stories involving drugs, violence and other aberrant behavior. Being married to a Kardashian gives instant celebrity. Being an NBA star in Los Angeles only adds to the hype. Throw in a public argument, drug addiction and a missing person and the frenzy is incredible. Such is the current state of Lamar Odom’s life. As reported in www.examiner.com. As it stands now Khloe Kardashian has kicked her husband of four years to the curb due to alleged crack cocain... [More]

Computerized Drug Course Educates About Drug Abuse

by Mike Miller July 10, 2013
When you think about the term “drug abuse” what comes to mind? As a counselor for in person and online drug and alcohol treatment classes, I often discuss this term with my students. You might not be surprised to know that the majority of my students associate “drug abuse” with some drug-addicted homeless guy under a bridge. There is not one person who experiments with drugs with the expectation or aspiration to become a drug addict. Many people start out using drugs ca... [More]

Can New Treatment Keep You Out of a Drug School?

by Mike Miller May 16, 2013
Is a cure to drug addiction so simple that all that needs to happen is to have the addiction “turned off” in the brain? That is what some American researchers are claiming. A study in rats has found that stimulating a key part of the brain reduces compulsive cocaine-seeking and suggests the possibility of changing addictive behavior generally. As reported in www.ghanaweb.com. The study, published in Nature, was conducted by scientists at the Intramural Research Program of the Natio... [More]

Ex-NBA Star Chris Herren Understands Need for Massachusetts Drug Classes

by Mike Miller November 18, 2012
I often end my blog entries on celebrities and athletes who have been busted for drug-related offenses with a statement about how I hope they get a good Massachusetts drug class and devote part of their lives to helping others from making the same mistake they did. Chris Herren is an example of a young man who is doing just that. Herren, a former professional basketball player, speaks to high schools around the country about the heroin addiction that derailed his life and career with the Boston... [More]

Papa Roach Singer Knows Need for Drug Classes

by Mike Miller November 3, 2012
So many famous actors and singers use and abuse alcohol and drugs. Some succumb to their vices, while others overcome their addictions. It is nice to hear that one of my favorite singer’s appears to be one of the success stories. Many of you may not recognize the name Jacoby Shaddix. He is the lead singer for Papa Roach. The name of the band certainly gives one the understanding that this is a band that might partake in the consumption of illegal substances. As reported in www.washingtonp... [More]

Drug Classes Help Spot Signs of Abuse

by Mike Miller October 31, 2012
Virtually everyone on the planet knows someone who has substance abuse issues. Before I ever started using drugs I sure knew a lot of people who used drugs and drank alcohol. At first I did not recognize they had substance abuse issues. As I started to experiment, I noticed some people had progressed to serious abuse. We made fun of those people. They were weak. It could never happen to us. Believe me folks, it can happen to anyone who ever tries drugs or alcohol. As reported in nationalgeograp... [More]