Disability Can Lead to Addiction – Drug Education is Helpful

by Mike Miller September 1, 2014
This is the second in a series of blogs looking at addiction issues faced by those suffering some form of disability. In the first installment we looked at a few figures showing that those who are disabled are more likely to suffer from addiction issues. Why are the disabled at higher risk of addiction issue do you think? As reported in www.addictiontreatmentmagazine.com. Potential Reasons For Higher Risk Following are a couple of potential reasons that living with a disability can increase t... [More]

Congresswoman Understands Need for More Drug Education Classes

by Mike Miller August 12, 2014
It does not take a genius to realize that drug education classes can certainly do no harm. The more we educate ourselves and our children as to the dangers of drug use and abuse the better off our society will be. I am glad that one person in the US Congress is taking steps to help with our current drug problem. A bill pushed by Rep. Marsha Blackburn to curb prescription drug abuse cleared a House panel back in late May. The health subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee approve... [More]

Hispanic Parents Understand Need for Drug Education

by Mike Miller May 19, 2014
Here at onlinedrugclass.com our goal is first and foremost to keep our kids from using and abusing recreational drugs. In our last blog entry we looked at the pervasive use among Hispanic teens. On the bright side, Hispanic parents are leading the way by setting a good example for their children. Hispanic adults and drug abuse As reported in voxxi.com. It may seem as though, if Hispanic teens are at the top of the list for drug abuse, they would also be at the top of the list for drug abuse as... [More]

Hispanic Teens Need Good Drug Education Course

by Mike Miller April 5, 2014
This is the second a series of blogs here at onlinedrugclass.com looking at the current situation relating to drugs and Hispanic teens. Of course drug use and abuse is an issue for all teens, regardless of race, religion or socio-economic background. Does it surprise you to learn that according to a recent government survey Hispanic teens are more likely to experiment and use recreational drugs that other types of teens? As the educational director for onlinedrugclass.com I can tell you that th... [More]

At Least 33% of Kenyan School Children Need to Take a Drug Class

by Mike Miller March 11, 2014
This is the second in a series of blogs looking at the alarming problem Kenya faces with drug use among its school children. In our last blog we discussed a government survey which reported that 33% of school children use two or more recreational drugs. Government officials place a good deal of the blame on parents who have a very lax attitude about their kids taking drugs. How can they do that? There is a reason why we are parents and they are children. They need firm guidance. As reported in ... [More]

Does President Obama Need 15 Hour Drug Education Course?

by Mike Miller February 23, 2014
It has been well-documented that our current president, Barack Hussein Obama was a pot smoker. He is the latest of three straight presidents who admit using illicit drugs. President Bill Clinton admitted to smoking marijuana, however, he insists that he did not inhale the smoke and therefore never became high. President George Bush (the son not the father) has a well-known history of drug issues, most notably an addiction to cocaine. Bush has dedicated his life to sobriety and as a result worke... [More]

Do Fewer Teens Need Drug Awareness Classes?

by Mike Miller February 13, 2014
As difficult as it may be to believe, especially if you have teenagers living at home, a recent report actually shows that fewer teens are abusing prescription medication and smoking cigarettes than they were five years ago. According to a report released in January by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration fewer teens are smoking tobacco cigarettes and fewer are using prescription medications – especially painkillers. In one of the milestone statistics, smoking tobacco amo... [More]

What Does NORML Think of Drug Classes?

by Mike Miller October 21, 2013
In one of our earlier blogs we touched upon the Marijuana Policy Project which is the largest organization attempting to legalize marijuana in the United States of America. Perhaps the pro-weed group that you are most familiar with is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). People fight every day all over the country for the right to smoke marijuana legally because it is and always has been such a popular drug. Regardless of the reason, it remains an ongoing battle b... [More]

Take an Online Tobacco Class Before Trying E-Cigarettes

by Mike Miller October 5, 2013
This is the 2nd in a series of blogs looking at the current efforts to regulate the use and manufacture of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs). Users have no qualms about getting their nicotine fix in places traditionally where no smoking is allowed. You can’t walk into a nightclub in New York City and not see multiple people “lighting” up. As reported in www.nytimes.com. Ten years after Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned smoking in public places, it is returning to the city’s b... [More]

Drug Education Class Could Save Your Life

by Mike Miller September 30, 2013
If an online alcohol and drug class has any impact on your decision never to experiment with heroin then it will have played a role in saving your life. Heroin use = a ruined life. Very few ever experiment with heroin without suffering severe consequences. Does it sound like a drug you want to stay away from? This is the seventh in a series of blogs looking at heroin use and its horrific consequences. As reported in www.nytimes.com. When you think of heroin what country comes to mind? My first... [More]