Signs You May Need a Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 7, 2012
Are you or someone you care about addicted to drugs or alcohol? Do you have suspicions that abuse may be happening but are not quite sure? There are definitely some tell-tale signs of addiction and substance abuse. This is the third in a series of blogs addressing some of the warning signs of addiction. In our previous blog we looked at the most obvious sign – lies. As reported in Who do you hang out with? A second sign that someone may have addiction i... [More]

Could New Jersey Drug Class have Avoided Child’s Decapitation?

by Mike Miller October 6, 2012
Would you like to know just how messed up drugs can make you? Could you ever imagine playing an active role in the death of a child? How about chopping his head off? Well, that’s precisely what happened to one mother. When Chevonne Thomas called 911 she was barely coherent. Her son was not so lucky. One of the few things 911 dispatchers understood from her ranting, rambling call was that her 2-year-old son was dead and she was the murderer. As reported in What pol... [More]

Are Drug Courts and Drug Classes the Answer?

by Mike Miller March 22, 2012
The latest rehabilitation effort for first-time drug and alcohol offenders are drug classes and drug courts. While many have questioned their effectiveness, the proof is out there – drug classes work! For those of you unfamiliar with the system, drug court is a rehabilitation program of sorts. The program is an alternative to serving jail time for drug sentences. Typically, the offenders would serve as many as 12 years, but instead they serve a year to 18 months. One of the youngest to c... [More]

Are There Parallels Between Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson?

by Mike Miller February 25, 2012
As a counselor for drug awareness classes I discussed the tragic demise and death of pop diva Whitney Houston with my students last weekend. Both Houston and Michael Jackson dies in the past year or so from drug overdose. Both had long histories of drug and substance abuse and both mixed all kinds of drugs. Bankrupt It is hard to believe that someone could fritter away $150 million. Mike Tyson, another celebrity with a long history of substance abuse too, managed to do it. Houston’s for... [More]

Inmates Using Need Drug Education Class

by Mike Miller December 30, 2011
Members of the prison population using drugs – a good or bad idea? Really, can there be any good reason why prison inmates are using any drugs? The youngest men booked into jail so far this year are increasingly testing positive for prescription painkillers, while fewer were using cocaine and methamphetamine, according to a new federal study. Sobering Statistics Just over 68 percent of all men booked into jail had tested positive for illegal drugs. Men 21 and younger showed the biggest ... [More]

Drug Court Attendees Could Benefit from Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller December 28, 2011
With the prevalence of drugs in society today it is no surprise that courts around the country are clogged by people arrested for drugs. One of the answers is drug courts. It’s been a long time coming, but this is a modern approach to the drug scourge that we need to take. Drug abuse isn’t something that will be wiped out in our lifetime, our children’s lifetime or probably ever, but it’s also something that can’t be ignored. High Cost of Jailing Users So lock up... [More]