Michigan MIP Class Educates Families on Alcohol and Drugs

by Mike Miller November 16, 2014
In our previous blog entries on the subject of the new Michigan MIP class launched by onlinedrugclass.com we looked at how important it is for parents to present a united front and be stellar role models for their children. After all, isn't parenting and raising a child everyone's most important job? Does not every parent want the best for their children? So let's assume now that you are doing that by not abusing alcohol and not using drugs. If you are, I urge you to stop immediately. If you dr... [More]

Trick or Treaters Not Even Safe from Drugs!

by Mike Miller April 29, 2014
It is one of the greatest worries for parents when their kids go trick or treating on Halloween. When I was a kid there were rumors of people hiding razor blades in caramel apples and we were warned against eating anything homemade. Just this past Fall a piece of Halloween candy that may have sickened a Southern California toddler, tested positive in preliminary tests for methamphetamine, in the second case of a child being sickened by meth possibly because of their trick-or-treat take-home goo... [More]

Hispanic Teens Need Good Drug Education Course

by Mike Miller April 5, 2014
This is the second a series of blogs here at onlinedrugclass.com looking at the current situation relating to drugs and Hispanic teens. Of course drug use and abuse is an issue for all teens, regardless of race, religion or socio-economic background. Does it surprise you to learn that according to a recent government survey Hispanic teens are more likely to experiment and use recreational drugs that other types of teens? As the educational director for onlinedrugclass.com I can tell you that th... [More]

Drug Use a Problem for Kenyan School Children

by Mike Miller March 6, 2014
As all of the loyal readers of the onlinedrugclass.com blog, know drug use and abuse by youth is a global problem. Today we will look at the increasing problem of drugs by Kenyan school children. The good news is there is someone who is looking to help the situation. National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse ( Nacada) chairman John Mututho has demonstrated great passion in the war against drug and substance abuse. As reported in www.standardmedia.co.ke. According to th... [More]

Substitute Online Tobacco Class Over an E Cigarette for Breakfast

by Mike Miller November 24, 2013
Advertising is a powerful thing. Often times we do not even realize the effect advertising has on us until after we have desired a product. I have now gained fodder for three blog entries based on one very pretty advertisement I saw on the door of my local Starbucks. As a counselor for tobacco classes, I have witnessed hundreds of people working hard to keep our nation’s youth away from cigarettes and nicotine. Finally, in 2012, smoking among teens was at its lowest level in more than hal... [More]

Drug Class Will Be required for Marijuana-Impaired Drivers

by Mike Miller November 16, 2013
As states deal with an increasing number of drivers operating their vehicles under the influence of marijuana it is imperative to have a legal limit for THC in the bloodstream. This is especially true in the 18 states and Washington DC who have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. It is doubly-true for the two states that have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes – Colorado and Washington. Colorado has just implemented a legal blood-alcohol concentration for THC in the blo... [More]

Florida Drug Class Could Keep Drugs Out of Your Baby’s System

by Mike Miller May 23, 2012
Florida is seeing a surge in the number of babies born addicted to crack and prescription medication. Not only are they born addicted, but due to parents’ use of illegal drugs, they stay addicted! The effects of a methamphetamine addiction don’t just stop at the user. From the moment of conception to the rest of their lives, children feel the effects of their parent’s or guardian’s addictions - physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. In Florida, out of every 1,0... [More]

Drug Class Could Keep You From Making Deadly Drug Interaction Decision

by Mike Miller April 28, 2012
With more people taking prescription medication it is no surprise society is seeing a huge increase in serious health issues and death from people mixing their various meds. Despite warning labels on prescription pill bottles and frequent news reports of celebrity overdoses, people are not taking the risks of fatal drug combinations seriously. Whitney Houston was the latest celebrity who died by combining drugs. Here are some of the biggest risks reported by psychcentral.com: Seniors at Risk ... [More]

Number of People Needing Drug and Alcohol Classes On the Rise

by Mike Miller January 22, 2012
Let’s face it – drugs and alcohol are more pervasive in society today than ever. The number of designer drugs and ways people are finding to get high have never been greater. How many people do you know who drink alcohol? How many of your acquaintances use marijuana or stronger drugs? Do you know anyone abusing prescription pain medication? I bet you do. Life is a numbers game. The number of people abusing chemical substances is in an inflationary period that shows no signs of stag... [More]

More Potent Pain Killers means More Will Need Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller January 10, 2012
With prescription pain medication seeming to get strong and more addictive by the day, it amazes me that companies now are producing pain killers 10 times more powerful than Vicodin. The new meds will be pure hydrocodone – never before legal in the United States. Do You Think this is a Good Idea? I am troubled because of the dark side that has accompanied the boom in sales of narcotic painkillers: Murders, pharmacy robberies and millions of dollars lost by hospitals that must treat overd... [More]