Take an Online Drug Class Before Experimenting with Ketamine

by Mike Miller May 9, 2014
I believe in the saying that you cannot get too much education. This is especially true when recreational drugs are concerned. The message against experimenting with and using drugs needs to be a constant in your face action. Sometimes that is not enough, but it is all we can really do. Sometimes tragedy happens anyway. This is the tale of one such tragedy. This is a perfect example of how one act of stupidity can destroy an entire family. As reported in www.theguardian.com. Ellie Rowe, from G... [More]

Mixing Drugs Could Out You in Drug Class, or Worse!

by Mike Miller August 11, 2013
Drug use and addiction are both progressive diseases. One's use increases as the addiction sets in. Eventually, one drug is not enough and you start to combine drugs - marijuana and alcohol or cocaine and Vicodin. Two drugs turns into more experimentation, perhaps nicotine or harder drugs like cocaine or prescription medication. Drugs are dangerous, mixing and combining drugs is idiotic! Mixing drugs can be as simple as smoking a joint while drinking alcohol, but can be as dangerous as somethi... [More]

Drug Class Could Keep You From Making Deadly Drug Interaction Decision

by Mike Miller April 28, 2012
With more people taking prescription medication it is no surprise society is seeing a huge increase in serious health issues and death from people mixing their various meds. Despite warning labels on prescription pill bottles and frequent news reports of celebrity overdoses, people are not taking the risks of fatal drug combinations seriously. Whitney Houston was the latest celebrity who died by combining drugs. Here are some of the biggest risks reported by psychcentral.com: Seniors at Risk ... [More]

Tips to Prevent Lethal Drug Interactions

by Mike Miller April 20, 2012
Not every drug overdose happens to some junkie who is trying to get too high.  Given the variety of legal drugs, it is quite possible to overdose, or mix drugs that should not be combined, with a lethal result.  So how can you protect yourself from a lethal drug interaction. Here are a few tips! Protecting Against Adverse Drug Interactions Mixing drugs always presents some danger. The best protection is not to mix drugs, though in some cases this is unavoidable. #1 - Know what drug... [More]