Washington DC Needs Online Marijuana Classes

by Mike Miller October 26, 2014
It is always nice when our nation's capital leads by example. If you think I am being sarcastic, you are correct. One of the least restrictive marijuana laws in the country went into effect in the shadow of the White House in July, eliciting stern warnings from the local police but good cheer from many Washingtonians. As reported in www.nytimes.com. There is a new District of Columbia law that reduces the penalty for having up to an ounce of marijuana to a $25 ticket. The offense is now a civi... [More]

Congresswoman Understands Need for More Drug Education Classes

by Mike Miller August 12, 2014
It does not take a genius to realize that drug education classes can certainly do no harm. The more we educate ourselves and our children as to the dangers of drug use and abuse the better off our society will be. I am glad that one person in the US Congress is taking steps to help with our current drug problem. A bill pushed by Rep. Marsha Blackburn to curb prescription drug abuse cleared a House panel back in late May. The health subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee approve... [More]

Feds Won’t Prosecute Marijuana Cases: Drug Classes Needed

by Mike Miller November 8, 2013
As a parent I am terrified by the fact that marijuana is so easy to obtain for underage youth. How do you feel? This is the third in a series of blogs looking at how America’s sentiments have relaxed over the years to the point where marijuana is about to be legal all across the country. Don’t believe me? How about this – despite 75 years of federal marijuana prosecution, the Justice department announced back in August that states can let people use the drug. They will also a... [More]

Legal Weed Increases Need for Drug Addiction Education

by Mike Miller November 2, 2013
Is marijuana still illegal in this country? You might think that is a rhetorical question, however, given the current status of the drug all across America, the answer is much more nebulous I assure you. For those of you unfamiliar with marijuana’s legal status in the United States here is a brief synopsis of the current state of affairs. It is currently legal in 14 states, plus our nation’s capital – Washington DC, for “medicinal” purposes. I put the parenthesis a... [More]

Could Drug Classes be in Portugal's Future?

by Mike Miller September 8, 2012
It has been hundreds of years since the Portuguese were any type of world leaders. One area where Portugal has received the most praise recently has been in dealing with addiction issues. Like their fall from glory in the middle Ages and Renaissance, the country is again in need of finding a way to solve its worsening drug problems. Portugal's famously liberal drug policy has been held up as a model for other countries - Norway is considering adopting parts of it and countries as far afield as ... [More]

Do Colorado Lawmakers Need Drug Classes?

by Mike Miller June 2, 2012
Politicians cannot seem to agree on anything these days. From our Congressmen in Washington, DC to our state’s capitols, stagnation and inefficiency are the current norm. A marijuana blood limit for drivers was rejected for a third time in Colorado, as lawmakers from both parties argued about how to fairly gauge whether someone is too stoned to get behind the wheel. This according to the AP. The bill would have made Colorado the third state in the nation with a blood-level limit for mari... [More]

White House Sees Need for Drug Classes

by Mike Miller April 29, 2012
Is America winning the “war on drugs?” I don’t think so, and apparently, neither does the White House. According to a recent statement from the White House reported at thebostonchannel.com, the U.S. government's drug strategy should focus more on treating addiction and less on imposing harsh prison sentences. This would include more drug education classes and counseling. The White House office submits an annual report to Congress, and this year’s suggests a new national... [More]

Pope Benedict Preaches Need for 15 Hour Drug Education Classes

by Mike Miller April 14, 2012
The time has come for the entire world, secular and non-secular to band together to fight the scourge that plagues our society – drug addiction. In an effort to rid the planet from drugs one of the most notable religious figures is actively joining the fight. Pope Benedict is taking the fight right to one of the main arteries of the problem - Mexico Pope Benedict arrived in Mexico last week promising as reported in Reuters to "unmask the evil" of drug trafficking in a country ravaged by ... [More]

Partisan Politics Reveals Need for Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 22, 2011
What are your thoughts of partisan politics? Are your views so strong you are unwilling to bend on absolutely any issue?  That sure seems to be the case today with the US Congress. I don’t know about you, but the all-or-nothing mentality in Congress these days has me pretty pissed off! The "designer drug" law written in 1986 prohibited classes of drugs before they could even be invented and before they could be found to be beneficial or harmful. The presumption behind this ban, that ... [More]

Congress Needs Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 20, 2011
I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of partisan politics! Regardless of your political affiliation, it is insane how little compromise our nation’s “leaders” are willing to give. It makes me totally sick! Not surprisingly, today, the 112th Congress is stalled, mired in partisan conflict. It seems to have been the case since I have been old enough to understand and follow anything to do with politics. Partisanship has led Congress to move too fast, and that p... [More]