Washington DC Needs Online Marijuana Classes

by Mike Miller October 26, 2014
It is always nice when our nation's capital leads by example. If you think I am being sarcastic, you are correct. One of the least restrictive marijuana laws in the country went into effect in the shadow of the White House in July, eliciting stern warnings from the local police but good cheer from many Washingtonians. As reported in www.nytimes.com. There is a new District of Columbia law that reduces the penalty for having up to an ounce of marijuana to a $25 ticket. The offense is now a civi... [More]

Will Breathalyzer Put More People into Marijuana Education Class?

by Mike Miller October 21, 2014
Pot smokers – beware! The day is just about here that police will be able to use a Breathalyzer-type test to determine your level of intoxication with THC. With marijuana legalization making as much progress as it has in the last few years, it was only a matter of time before someone developed a marijuana breathalyzer. It seems a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police is close to doing exactly that. As reported in www.duiblog.com. The new device called the Cannabix was developed by Kal Mal... [More]

Drug Classes Educate on THC Concentrate

by Mike Miller June 23, 2014
Coloradians are learning there is more to legalizing marijuana than just a simple statement by the voters. Regulating the industry is taking up hundreds of hours of legislator’s time and costing taxpayers a wad of money. Fortunately for Colorado residents the tax revenue generated by the sale of legal weed so far, outweighs the administrative costs. One of the issues currently facing administrators is marijuana concentrate and the potency of edibles sold. When people buy marijuana from a... [More]

New Hampshire Legislators Should Take a Drug Class, Not Legalize Pot!

by Mike Miller May 14, 2014
I do not know where you stand with respect to legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, but I can attest that I am firmly against. For those of you who regularly read our blog here at onlinedrugclass.com I am constantly looking for ways to keep people from experimenting with drugs. Legalizing them is certainly not the answer. The next state that appears to be following in the erroneous footsteps of Colorado and Washington is New Hampshire. Is it ironic that the state slogan is &l... [More]

Does President Obama Need 15 Hour Drug Education Course?

by Mike Miller February 23, 2014
It has been well-documented that our current president, Barack Hussein Obama was a pot smoker. He is the latest of three straight presidents who admit using illicit drugs. President Bill Clinton admitted to smoking marijuana, however, he insists that he did not inhale the smoke and therefore never became high. President George Bush (the son not the father) has a well-known history of drug issues, most notably an addiction to cocaine. Bush has dedicated his life to sobriety and as a result worke... [More]

Marijuana Class Discusses the Potential Hazzards of Medicinal Marijuana

by Mike Miller January 21, 2014
What are your thoughts and opinions about the medicinal value of marijuana? Given that more than half of those polled believe that the drug should be legalized for medicinal purposes and 20 states and the District of Columbia have already done so, show that the nation’s sentiments are in favor of medical weed. Marijuana’s best-known ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is responsible for the high, desired by recreational users. But many people who try smoking marijuana to relie... [More]

If You Use Marijuana, Please Educate Yourself!

by Mike Miller January 6, 2014
Despite its growing popularity both culturally and socially it is important to remember that marijuana is still considered an addictive drug. The legal line with marijuana is getting blurrier all the time with 20 states and the District of Columbia now making it legal for medicinal purposes and Colorado and Washington legalizing for recreational purposes. Did you know that in 1970 Congress classified marijuana as an illegal Schedule I drug, defining as having a potential for abuse and addiction... [More]

California Leads By Example – Could Benefit from Marijuana Educational Program

by Mike Miller December 15, 2013
While I may not live in California I know people who do. All of them think there is a major problem with marijuana use in California. What do you think? In a previous blog entry, I made note of a study that showed marijuana in the system of twice as many drivers as alcohol in California. As reported in www.nytimes.com. In a broad study about to be published in The Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, on the ramifications of legalizing recreational marijuana, two economics professors repo... [More]

Californians Need Online Marijuana Class More Than Ever

by Mike Miller December 11, 2013
I have blogged about the nonsense that is medicinal marijuana for years. What percent of medical marijuana users do you think have a true medical need for the drug? Keep in mind that the American Medical Association, the definitive word on illness and medication and illness in America, has not come out with a single ailment for which they recommend smoking cannabis. The law legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes in California applies only to people who have a medical need for marijuana, li... [More]

Legalizing Marijuana without Mandatory Drug Education Classes?

by Mike Miller December 7, 2013
Proponents of legalized marijuana claim that all the dire warnings of legalizing marijuana – increased crime and use of other drugs – have not come to fruition. Some of that may be true, but there is no denying that marijuana consumption has gone up over the past decade. Those in support of legalizing marijuana say that while driving under the influence of any intoxicant is dangerous, the research shows that driving after smoking marijuana is less dangerous than after drinking alcoh... [More]