Michigan MIP Class Educates Families on Alcohol and Drugs

by Mike Miller November 16, 2014
In our previous blog entries on the subject of the new Michigan MIP class launched by onlinedrugclass.com we looked at how important it is for parents to present a united front and be stellar role models for their children. After all, isn't parenting and raising a child everyone's most important job? Does not every parent want the best for their children? So let's assume now that you are doing that by not abusing alcohol and not using drugs. If you are, I urge you to stop immediately. If you dr... [More]

Parents and Children Should Take Online 8 Hour Drug Class Together

by Mike Miller November 11, 2014
Parenting is every person's (who has children) most important job. Of course this means providing a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs and food in the bellies of their progeny. Parenting is giving your child every opportunity to succeed. Providing the basic sustenance mentioned above is the foundation. But certainly a lot more goes into being a successful parent. We need to communicate on a very close level with our children. We need to be aware of what is going on in their lives. W... [More]

Congresswoman Understands Need for More Drug Education Classes

by Mike Miller August 12, 2014
It does not take a genius to realize that drug education classes can certainly do no harm. The more we educate ourselves and our children as to the dangers of drug use and abuse the better off our society will be. I am glad that one person in the US Congress is taking steps to help with our current drug problem. A bill pushed by Rep. Marsha Blackburn to curb prescription drug abuse cleared a House panel back in late May. The health subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee approve... [More]

Onlinedrugclass.com Teaches About the Dangers of Prescription Meds

by Mike Miller July 18, 2014
If by this point you are unaware of the horrific problem with addiction to prescription pain medication you are deaf, dumb and blind. At onlinedrugclass.com we look to educate people as to the dangers of all types of drugs. We do this by giving out facts and support those facts with real-life examples. Following are the ABCs of prescription medication abuse. As reported in beta.dosomething.org. Definition Prescription drug abuse is taking the drug as it was not intended to be taken. This incl... [More]

Government Needs to Step Up to the Plate on Drug Classes

by Mike Miller May 29, 2014
This is the second in a series of blogs here at onlinedrugclass.com looking at the role of government with respect to the war on drugs. In the first we looked at the cancelation of the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring survey (ADAM), the top form of gathering information regarding the use and abuse of many illicit drugs. Does this sound like a good idea? Do you think the government should play a greater role in fighting drug abuse? As reported in www.thedailybeast.com. Here is a little history be... [More]

Does Government Understand the Country's Need for Drug Education?

by Mike Miller May 24, 2014
As the problem with drug abuse in America worsens, many questions need to be asked. First, what role, if any, should the federal government play? Second, what are lawmakers doing to help protect citizens? It seems as though some lawmakers are giving up. One example is the cancellation of a program that could have been helping. The Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring survey (ADAM) was terminated in March, and not one congressmen tried to save it. Now the U.S. is without an accurate estimate of its dr... [More]

Hispanic Parents Understand Need for Drug Education

by Mike Miller May 19, 2014
Here at onlinedrugclass.com our goal is first and foremost to keep our kids from using and abusing recreational drugs. In our last blog entry we looked at the pervasive use among Hispanic teens. On the bright side, Hispanic parents are leading the way by setting a good example for their children. Hispanic adults and drug abuse As reported in voxxi.com. It may seem as though, if Hispanic teens are at the top of the list for drug abuse, they would also be at the top of the list for drug abuse as... [More]

Teacher’s Aid Needs to Take a Drug Prevention Class

by Mike Miller May 4, 2014
Do you worry that those instructing your children are bad influences on them? In an ever-terrifying world where danger appears to lurk in every corner comes yet another story to scare parents. This one occurred in San Diego, California but could take place virtually anywhere. A San Diego Unified special education aide continued working in the classroom, after he was arrested at the border with more than $500,000 worth of cocaine and methamphetamine. As reported in www.nbcsandiego.com. How is t... [More]

Hispanic Teens Need Good Drug Education Course

by Mike Miller April 5, 2014
This is the second a series of blogs here at onlinedrugclass.com looking at the current situation relating to drugs and Hispanic teens. Of course drug use and abuse is an issue for all teens, regardless of race, religion or socio-economic background. Does it surprise you to learn that according to a recent government survey Hispanic teens are more likely to experiment and use recreational drugs that other types of teens? As the educational director for onlinedrugclass.com I can tell you that th... [More]

Hispanic Teens and Adults Would Benefit From Drug Awareness Education

by Mike Miller March 31, 2014
One thing about drug addiction – no one is immune. There is no age group, race, religion or ethnicity that cannot suffer from drug addiction. When it comes to drug abuse, Hispanic teens and adults are not representative of one another. Would it surprise you to learn that Hispanic teens are more likely to abuse drugs compared to peers while Hispanic adults are less likely to abuse drugs? The stereotype is that Hispanic adults abuse drugs too. The compilation of data comes from a report by ... [More]