Drug Education Course are a Good Place to Discuss Tough Addiction Questions

by Mike Miller June 29, 2013
As a counselor for online substance abuse classes, and a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, I understand the difficult questions and fears faced by addicts. I discuss these issues and questions with my students regularly. One of the toughest questions we discuss is whether addicts should, once detoxified, enter residential rehab programs, or can they safely stay home and go to outpatient programs. This is a tough question to answer since every person is different. Staying away from former pl... [More]

Octomom Takes a Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 20, 2012
Is it any surprise that “Octomom” has substance abuse issues? Thanks to bloggers like me “Octomom” AKA Nadia Suleman is getting a few extra minutes of fame. Suleman recently checked into rehab for drug addiction and is speaking out for the first time since entering a 28-day treatment facility in California. As reported in www.examiner.com. She claims her abuse was for Xanax because of panic attacks, but there are strong rumors about a few other chemical substances. Her... [More]

Attention John Daly: Get Thee to an Alcohol Awareness Class

by Mike Miller June 20, 2012
Despite the aggressive title to this blog, I really like John Daly. He is one of the more colorful figures in the world of sports. While I wish he were a better role model for children and the rest of us, he nevertheless makes himself human ion a sports world that can dehumanize the best of them. Daly is a winner of two major golf tournaments and has walked off the course in anger more times than that. He is a man rumored to have lugged around a bottle of whiskey in his golf bag during a tourna... [More]