Do Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Colleagues Need a Drug Class?

by Mike Miller August 6, 2012
Do not let that headline fool you. Dale Earnhardt Jr., one of NASCAR’s most beloved racers does not have a drug problem. But the last thing he or any other NASCAR driver wants is to have to worry that one of their own may be high on drugs during a race. This all came to a head when AJ Allmendinger failed a drug test and was suspended mere hours before a race. When word spread through the NASCAR garage Allmendinger has been suspended for a failed drug test, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was curious ... [More]

Marijuana and Driving = Drug Class

by Mike Miller March 30, 2012
One of the primary problems with medicinal marijuana is those using it and operating motor vehicles. If you are a non-pot smoker or marijuana user, how much tolerance do you have for people using THC and driving? Not much I bet. The fact is both users of medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana are driving under the influence regularly. How do you tell if someone is too stoned to drive? Keep in mind - driving while impaired by any drug is illegal in all states! Most convictions for dru... [More]

Pregnant Moms Need Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller December 17, 2011
Just last week I blogged about the horrible withdrawal symptoms suffered by newborns of moms addicted to prescription medication. Many states, including Oklahoma are looking to create a committee to study whether stronger laws and policies should be adopted to deal with women who use illegal drugs while pregnant. Does it take a pickup load of dead babies before we decide to act?  This is a horrible situation where addicted babies enter the world feeling absolutely miserable. Currently, p... [More]

Drug Testing For Bath Salts? WTF

by Mike Miller November 17, 2011
Who would of ever thought to snort or smoke bath salts? Drug addicts desperate to get high – that’s who! Now in addition to drug testing for marijuana, cocaine, opiates and other drugs, you can add bath salts to the list of drugs you can be tested for. Authorities said many people who abuse synthetic cannabinoids and “bath salts” do so because they believe they can get high and still pass drug tests mandated by their employers or arranged by families. But local medical... [More]