Richie Sambora Knows Drug Classes are Important in Fighting Addiction

by Mike Miller August 22, 2014
Whether or not you believe celebrities should be a role model, you will have to admit that it is better when they model good behavior rather than bad, right? I am a devout fan of the band Bon Jovi. Of course the lead singer is Jon Bongiovi. His partner up front is Richie Sambora. Sambora not only understands addiction issues but uses his celebrity to help fight them. As reported in Sports fans might know Sambora best as he and Bongiovi are co-owners of an Arena Football Leag... [More]

Could Online Drug Education Keep Courts from Acting as Emergency Rooms?

by Mike Miller April 14, 2014
With the surge in drug abuse, court rooms across the nation have become like emergency rooms. Take Boston, Massachusetts for example. In 2012, the district courts in Quincy, Brockton and Plymouth ranked first, third and fourth in the state in the number of referrals for involuntary commitments to drug-abuse treatment centers. As reported in Quincy District Court topped Boston’s eight courts with 464 such referrals. Boston saw 313, Brockton saw 186 and Plymouth saw 16... [More]

Take Drug Awareness Classes, Not Heroin

by Mike Miller September 28, 2013
It terrifies me that heroin is becoming so popular. Anyone who knows anything about the drug would just about sell their soul to keep from becoming addicted. This is not a drug to experiment with. Few, if any, ever make it out unscarred. Despite ruining the lives of addicts, heroin addiction ruins the life of everyone in the nearby and not-so-nearby neighborhoods. There are more burglaries so addicts can support their habits and heavier demands on health, welfare and law enforcement services. N... [More]

NBA Star Lamar Odom Missing: Needs Drug Class ASAP

by Mike Miller September 4, 2013
Hollywood is chock-full of crazy stories involving drugs, violence and other aberrant behavior. Being married to a Kardashian gives instant celebrity. Being an NBA star in Los Angeles only adds to the hype. Throw in a public argument, drug addiction and a missing person and the frenzy is incredible. Such is the current state of Lamar Odom’s life. As reported in As it stands now Khloe Kardashian has kicked her husband of four years to the curb due to alleged crack cocain... [More]

Lamar Odom is Missing and is Not Enrolled in Online Substance Abuse Course

by Mike Miller September 2, 2013
Drugs ruin lives. Don’t believe me? Just ask Lamar Odom. The 33-year-old Odom is on the verge of losing both his basketball career, his marriage to the uber-hot Khloe Kardashian and possibly his life. Fears are mounting for Odom's well-being after falling off the radar days ago. Khloe kicked him out and now divorce rumors are circulating. As reported in Kardashian is apparently becoming increasingly worried for the safety of her husband as he hasn't touched base for thr... [More]

Can Drug Education Save Lamar Odom's Marriage?

by Mike Miller August 31, 2013
Athletes certainly are not immune to drug abuse. In fact, some studies have shown that they are more prone to addictive tendencies. The most recent high-profile athlete who addiction issues have come out is NBA star Lamar Odom. Odom has had issues with drugs since before graduating high school and college, but had seemed to turn his life around. He had a fairly successful NBA career, including being named the NBA’s “Best Sixth Man” a few years ago. As reported in www.examiner.... [More]

Substance Abuse Course is First Step in Staying Off Opioids

by Mike Miller July 14, 2013
Have you ever heard of Opioid Replacement Therapy? The odds are that if you or someone you know does not, or has not, had a problem with opioids you never have heard of this therapy. What is an opioid? Everyone knows about the most dangerous illegal substances out there and heroin is always at the top of that list. Heroin is classified as an opioid, which is a psychoactive chemical that works by binding to opioid receptors. Opioid receptors are found in the central and peripheral nervous syste... [More]

Computerized Drug Course Educates About Drug Abuse

by Mike Miller July 10, 2013
When you think about the term “drug abuse” what comes to mind? As a counselor for in person and online drug and alcohol treatment classes, I often discuss this term with my students. You might not be surprised to know that the majority of my students associate “drug abuse” with some drug-addicted homeless guy under a bridge. There is not one person who experiments with drugs with the expectation or aspiration to become a drug addict. Many people start out using drugs ca... [More]

Drug Education Part of Future Solution to Addiction Issues

by Mike Miller July 3, 2013
With is most recent release “Clean” David Sheff again attempts to help those suffering from addiction issues. This is the fourth in a series of blogs on Sheff and his body of work, most notably his most-recent release. Sheff has first-hand experience dealing with addiction issues as his son Nic almost died from substance abuse. In “Clean” Sheff provides a number of strategies for coping with addiction and most notably calls for the legalization of marijuana (which I am a... [More]

Drug Education Course are a Good Place to Discuss Tough Addiction Questions

by Mike Miller June 29, 2013
As a counselor for online substance abuse classes, and a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, I understand the difficult questions and fears faced by addicts. I discuss these issues and questions with my students regularly. One of the toughest questions we discuss is whether addicts should, once detoxified, enter residential rehab programs, or can they safely stay home and go to outpatient programs. This is a tough question to answer since every person is different. Staying away from former pl... [More]