12 Hour Drug Class Could Help Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse

by Mike Miller October 1, 2014
Do you believe government should play a role in the fight against drug abuse? I certainly think we all need to band together to do our best to keep as many people as possible off of drugs and alcohol. I always appreciate learning about government bodies looking to help in the fight. As reported in bostonherald.com. The recent increase in the use and abuse of prescription medication is especially frightening. Communication and the sharing of information are critical to keep excess prescription ... [More]

Europeans Need Drug Awareness Classes Too

by Mike Miller August 17, 2014
As the education director here at onlinedrugclass.com I am constantly on the lookout for articles involving drug use and abuse. There is no doubt that drug addiction is a global problem. Americans are not the only ones suffering from a surge in addiction to prescription medication. More and more people in Europe are getting their fix from prescription drugs, including some used to treat heroin addiction, while heroin use in Europe is declining. As reported in health.msn.co.nz. A recent report ... [More]

Governor Promotes Drug Awareness in Massachusetts

by Mike Miller June 3, 2014
At onlinedruglcass.com we like to report on the efforts made by individuals who are educating the public on harmful drugs and using their power to keep people safe. The Governor of Massachusetts is fighting the good fight. Governor Deval Patrick is trying to ban the sale of Zohydro in Massachusetts and that puts the state at the forefront of a raging debate about whether the powerful new painkiller deserves a place in American medicine. In October, 2013 the Food and Drug Administration approved... [More]

Trick or Treaters Not Even Safe from Drugs!

by Mike Miller April 29, 2014
It is one of the greatest worries for parents when their kids go trick or treating on Halloween. When I was a kid there were rumors of people hiding razor blades in caramel apples and we were warned against eating anything homemade. Just this past Fall a piece of Halloween candy that may have sickened a Southern California toddler, tested positive in preliminary tests for methamphetamine, in the second case of a child being sickened by meth possibly because of their trick-or-treat take-home goo... [More]

Do Pets Need Drug Classes Too?

by Mike Miller April 24, 2014
Fido – put down the crack pipe! As crazy as it sounds, the number of pets being treated by veterinarians for poisoning from recreation drugs is a very real problem. One veterinary emergency room in San Diego, California sees at least one pet per week suffering from poisoning from marijuana. San Francisco veterinarian Jill Chase had a frightening experience. She had just finished hosting a birthday party for her son 10 years ago when her dog went limp. After investigating what might have c... [More]

Do Fewer Teens Need Drug Awareness Classes?

by Mike Miller February 13, 2014
As difficult as it may be to believe, especially if you have teenagers living at home, a recent report actually shows that fewer teens are abusing prescription medication and smoking cigarettes than they were five years ago. According to a report released in January by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration fewer teens are smoking tobacco cigarettes and fewer are using prescription medications – especially painkillers. In one of the milestone statistics, smoking tobacco amo... [More]

Californians Need Marijuana Education Classes

by Mike Miller December 3, 2013
California is a national leader in many areas. Some of these are positive and some negative. Did you know that California was the first state to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes? Is medicinal marijuana a gateway for recreational legalization? Despite the stereotype, not every Northern California resident is a marijuana user, some even complain about the stench of all the marijuana plants. In the heart of Northern California’s marijuana growing region, the sheriff’s office i... [More]

Drug Class Will Be required for Marijuana-Impaired Drivers

by Mike Miller November 16, 2013
As states deal with an increasing number of drivers operating their vehicles under the influence of marijuana it is imperative to have a legal limit for THC in the bloodstream. This is especially true in the 18 states and Washington DC who have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. It is doubly-true for the two states that have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes – Colorado and Washington. Colorado has just implemented a legal blood-alcohol concentration for THC in the blo... [More]

Will Government Inaction Create Need for More Marijuana and Drug Classes?

by Mike Miller November 10, 2013
Are you concerned about the rampant increase in marijuana use in the United States? I sure am. Of course it is generating great business for both in-class and online drug classes. This is the fourth in a series of blogs addressing the increase in marijuana consumption as well as the lax attitude both citizens and politicians seem to be taking with respect to the drug. Recently the Justice Department announced it would not be prosecuting marijuana cases. Thus, the last bastion of law enforcemen... [More]

Feds Won’t Prosecute Marijuana Cases: Drug Classes Needed

by Mike Miller November 8, 2013
As a parent I am terrified by the fact that marijuana is so easy to obtain for underage youth. How do you feel? This is the third in a series of blogs looking at how America’s sentiments have relaxed over the years to the point where marijuana is about to be legal all across the country. Don’t believe me? How about this – despite 75 years of federal marijuana prosecution, the Justice department announced back in August that states can let people use the drug. They will also a... [More]