Celebrities Scott Storch and Armie Hammer Need a Drug Classes

by Mike Miller July 27, 2012
This is the second in a series of blogs dealing with celebrities who got in trouble with drugs and modeled very poor behavior for their adoring public. Keep in mind that America’s love of celebrities helped create the problem. Here are a few celebrities that need drug classes. Scott Storch – Best known as the producer for such hip-hop artists like Dr Dre, Chris Brown and Ludacris, he was booked in Las Vegas for felony possession of cocaine. Armie Hammer – Don’t let the... [More]

Medical Marijuana Study Skewed

by Mike Miller July 10, 2012
Do you live in a state where marijuana is legal? Does your state have a problem with youth and marijuana? Do you think there is a link between the two? Marijuana use among teens has been on the rise for some time--it's become more popular than smoking cigarettes in recent years--but a provocative new study shows that legalizing pot for medical purposes doesn't increase the chance that teens will abuse it or certain other drugs. "There is anecdotal evidence that medical marijuana is finding its... [More]

Baby Boomers Need Drug Classes

by Mike Miller February 7, 2012
I had always thought it was just me that drug and alcohol abuse are much worse today than for previous generations. I know previous generations had issues as well. But the abundance, accessibility and affordability of a plethora of drugs has made society a much more drug-induced state. Need Drug Classes Now Drug education classes now will save billions later in drug treatment costs. It is estimated that the need for substance abuse treatment services for older Americans is expected to double b... [More]

More Potent Pain Killers means More Will Need Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller January 10, 2012
With prescription pain medication seeming to get strong and more addictive by the day, it amazes me that companies now are producing pain killers 10 times more powerful than Vicodin. The new meds will be pure hydrocodone – never before legal in the United States. Do You Think this is a Good Idea? I am troubled because of the dark side that has accompanied the boom in sales of narcotic painkillers: Murders, pharmacy robberies and millions of dollars lost by hospitals that must treat overd... [More]

Drug Class Reinforces Need for Prescription Drug Database

by Mike Miller January 9, 2012
Trying to control the rampant abuse of prescription drugs is a prescient problem. So far no strong remedy has been discovered. Do you have any thoughts on how to curb this problem? How would you feel about a national prescription drug database? The state of California had established just such a database to help control its raging problem. For some reason California officials are preparing to shut down the database used to track abusive pill seekers and doctor shoppers. Ending this database w... [More]

Take an Alcohol Drug Class With Your Teen

by Mike Miller January 6, 2012
Let’s face it, we all want to keep our children safe and addiction free. But with the prevalence of drugs in society and peer pressure just how do we do that? I might like to recommend taking an alcohol drug class with your teen. Forming a close relationship with your teenager might have its ups and downs, but research suggests open communication promotes individual decision-making, even if the talk is not all that agreeable. Available through the journal Child Development, a new study s... [More]

Do People With High IQs Need Online Drug Class?

by Mike Miller November 21, 2011
The valedictorian of our high school class was a total stoner! Do you know people who seem to be very intelligent, often having very high IQs, who are prone to addiction? Looking back now, myself not being a textbook example, there were a number of very intelligent, high IQ comrades in high school and college who abused alcohol and drugs. Logically, let me begin by saying smart people know that using and abusing drugs and alcohol is a bad thing to do. They are smart enough to know better. But a... [More]

Lax Marijuana Laws Show Need for Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 14, 2011
The statistics show that marijuana consumption is on the rise. Logic dictates that legalizing the drug for “medicinal” purpose has made it that much easier for stoners to get high. Some local anti-medical-marijuana officials believe an increase in marijuana use in California is the result of relaxed state laws toward medical marijuana. In evaluating the statistics, it shows states that have a medical-marijuana program have a significant increase in use of those who are using mariju... [More]

Africans Need Drug Awareness Class

by Mike Miller November 7, 2011
When you think ofAfrica what comes to mind? Perhaps an African safari with elephants and giraffes. One aspect of African society which may come as a surprise to you is college partying and drug addiction. After launching clubs to prevent drug abuse in institutions of higher learning, Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) has also extended the campaign to secondary schools. Through its Anti-Drug Abuse Club (ADAC-KIE), in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports (MIJESPOC) and ... [More]

Ivory Wave users Better Hurry to Drug Awareness Class

by Mike Miller September 17, 2011
People selling drugs and people doing drugs are always looking for a way to legitimize and make their activity legal. I have written about bath salts that have been ground up and snorted, causing ridiculously harmful effects including in many cases, death. Now comes ivory wave. Have you heard about it? If so, stay the heck away from it. The substance has a similar euphoric effect to ecstasy and is sold widely online. Earlier this year a coroner found that ivory wave may have been a "strong co... [More]