Can Ambien Get You a DUI?

by Mike Miller September 26, 2014
The stories of Florida nut jobs are legendary, so much so that they have spawned a host of fictional authors using the state and some of its residents as fodder for their novels. Is this one of those cases? As reported in Keep in mind – DUI stands for “driving under the influence.” Included in a DUI are all forms of drugs, including alcohol and prescription medication. Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal was arrested and accused of driving to work at the Browa... [More]

Jack Swagger, Pro Wrestler, Could Benefit from a 24 Hour Drug Course

by Mike Miller June 11, 2013
For those of you who think professional wrestling is a total farce, just try going through the charades they go through week-in and week-out. While the matches are choreographed by some of America’s finest choreographers, make no mistake, there is extreme physical impact on pro wrestlers’ bodies. There is no denying there are many addicted to prescription medication, alcohol and other drugs. For such a wild bunch they manage to stay relatively clean with respect to getting caught. ... [More]

Drug Classes Needed for Arizona DUI Recipients

by Mike Miller May 14, 2013
There are many people who believe that driving under the influence (DUI) occur only because someone was drunk on alcohol. Of course, “under the influence” can mean any drug, including alcohol. One area that has seen the percentage of drivers under the influence of drugs other than alcohol is Phoenix, Arizona. As reported in DUI is the act of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs including illegal drugs, medical marijuana and prescr... [More]

Boyfriend in Need of DUI Class and Medical Attention

by Mike Miller April 5, 2013
Nicholas Perry had one very bad day. Would it surprise you to know that alcohol played a prominent role in his bad day? Of course it doesn’t – alcohol and bad days seem to go hand-in-hand. Perry was arrested on several charges after he was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol after a fight with his girlfriend and a police chase. As reported in He was pulled over after a police saw him throw a plastic cup from the window. When the 25-year-old ... [More]

Alcohol Class May be Party of Super Bowl After Party

by Mike Miller March 11, 2013
Drinking alcohol is a major staple for most Super Bowl parties. How many people have you known who drove home from a Super Bowl party after they probably had too much to drink? There is no doubt that we love our football and a lot of times that involves drinking alcohol along with it. As reported in Unfortunately, that mix is leading to car crashes. A recent AAA study found that on Super Bowl Sunday, DUI fatal and injury crashes jump 75 percent in California compared to other S... [More]

Alcohol Awareness Class Could save You From Series of Bad Decisions

by Mike Miller November 20, 2012
I recently blogged about a friend of mine named John. This was a man I, and many others, thought had it all. He was a professional with a family and very active with his kids, his church, and his community. Then drugs took control of his life. He realizes the first bad decision was to start drinking. Once he rationalized his drinking he tried smoking marijuana. Bad decision number three was thinking he could experiment with cocaine, crystal meth and prescription medications. His use of drugs a... [More]

Taylor Swift’s “Boyfriend”, Croc’s Founder, Needs Alcohol Class

by Mike Miller September 12, 2012
It takes a small kid or a true coward to always find someone else to blame for poor decisions. One of these, I am not sure which of the two categories he qualifies for is George Boedecker, founder of Crocs shoes. He was was arrested for a DUI after he was found passed out in his Porsche. When confronted by Colorado police, Boedecker said that he wasn't the one driving the car. When asked who was driving, the allegedly intoxicated entrepreneur said his "girlfriend," whom he identified as pop sin... [More]

Does Porn Star Jenna Jamison Need a California DUI Class?

by Mike Miller July 25, 2012
Are porn stars celebrities? Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I have long held the belief that celebrities should not be used as role models. This holds especially true for porn stars. Jenna Jameson was officially charged with a DUI for slamming into a pole on May 25th. The former adult film actress crashed her car in a Los Angeles suburb and was discovered at the scene. This as reported in The 38-year-old Jameson was charged with three separate misdemeanors ... [More]

Controversial Principal Needs California DUI Class

by Mike Miller July 23, 2012
I am a firm believer that we all should lead by example. That holds especially true for those who have an influence on our children. High school principals should know better than to drink and drive. The controversial principal of Paul Revere Elementary School near San Francisco was sentenced to community service hours instead of jail time in connection with a DUI arrest last month in which she sideswiped two vehicles just south of the Golden Gate Bridge. This according to the T... [More]

Pittsburgh Steelers Star Clark Haggans In Need of DUI Class

by Mike Miller July 16, 2012
There is no good reason for driving under the influence of alcohol. As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes my students often try to come up with reasons to justify drinking and driving. Of course it always comes back to your wife is pregnant and she needs to get to the hospital. That is no excuse. Nor is the reason Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebacker Clark Haggans had. In kind of a bizarre story, Haggans, a member of Pittsburgh's Super Bowl XL team - is serving a 48-hour... [More]