Do Twitter & Facebook Help Keep You Out of DUI School?

by Mike Miller July 24, 2013
Is it just me or does social media seem to be taking over life? Granted I have a Facebook account and have many friends. I use my Facebook page not so much to post photos of myself or detail my day-to-day life, but to congregate with former students and continue to promote alcohol awareness, drug awareness, and the need to continue our efforts to educate and heal. Interestingly, as invasive as social media seems to have become, there is one place it never had occurred to me - DUI checkpoints. O... [More]

Alcohol Awareness Class Could save You From Series of Bad Decisions

by Mike Miller November 20, 2012
I recently blogged about a friend of mine named John. This was a man I, and many others, thought had it all. He was a professional with a family and very active with his kids, his church, and his community. Then drugs took control of his life. He realizes the first bad decision was to start drinking. Once he rationalized his drinking he tried smoking marijuana. Bad decision number three was thinking he could experiment with cocaine, crystal meth and prescription medications. His use of drugs a... [More]

Taylor Swift’s “Boyfriend”, Croc’s Founder, Needs Alcohol Class

by Mike Miller September 12, 2012
It takes a small kid or a true coward to always find someone else to blame for poor decisions. One of these, I am not sure which of the two categories he qualifies for is George Boedecker, founder of Crocs shoes. He was was arrested for a DUI after he was found passed out in his Porsche. When confronted by Colorado police, Boedecker said that he wasn't the one driving the car. When asked who was driving, the allegedly intoxicated entrepreneur said his "girlfriend," whom he identified as pop sin... [More]

Controversial Principal Needs California DUI Class

by Mike Miller July 23, 2012
I am a firm believer that we all should lead by example. That holds especially true for those who have an influence on our children. High school principals should know better than to drink and drive. The controversial principal of Paul Revere Elementary School near San Francisco was sentenced to community service hours instead of jail time in connection with a DUI arrest last month in which she sideswiped two vehicles just south of the Golden Gate Bridge. This according to the T... [More]

Montana Alcohol Classes Could Keep You from Being a Statistic

by Mike Miller July 15, 2012
One of the most dangerous things facing human beings in our every-day lives in transportation. Don’t laugh, it’s true. When you think about how many drivers are out there who are legally intoxicated it can be mind-numbing. There is one thing about being a statistic and it is another to completely destroy your life. Alcohol certainly is capable of that. In Helena, Montana police arrested David Vincent Strachan for his 6th driving under the influence (DUI) violation. He also was robb... [More]

Could California Alcohol Class Have Avoided Tragedy?

by Mike Miller July 11, 2012
Drinking alcohol can be lethal. Drinking and driving can be lethal. One incident in California involving their vaunted California Highway Patrol ended in tragedy last week. Two California Highway Patrol officers were trying to make a DUI stop on a Sunnyvale man when he led them on a chase from the freeway to his neighborhood, where the patrolmen shot and wounded him during a brief fight. This as reported in the Mercury News. James Ligon came out of surgery in stable condition. But what really ... [More]

Alcohol Class Could Have Avoided Seriously Embarrassing DUI Photo

by Mike Miller July 4, 2012
Alcohol is a poison.  As such it certainly has an adverse effect on the human body. Quite frankly, it makes us do stupid things.  When we get arrested, the incident is an embarrassment and there is no such thing as a good mug shot.  However, there is such thing a horrific mug shot. Kelsey Smith of Florida has one of the all-time great mug shots.  Pulled over for driving under the influence (DUI) he decided to spit his own blood on police, telling them that he had AIDS, HIV a... [More]

Woman Who Lost Needs More Than Arizona Drug Class

by Mike Miller June 18, 2012
You want to talk about making bad decisions? You think you make poor choices? Join the crowd. This woman from Phoenix, Arizona made one bad decision after another. The first poor choice was to get pregnant while still a teenager. The second was to be involved with people who do drugs. Her third was driving while intoxicated. Finally, for the coup-de-gras lost her 5-month old. This according to Police received the call of a baby in a car-seat in the middle of the street at 1a.m. Tw... [More]

Are Arizona Alcohol Classes Partially Responsible for Fewer DUIs?

by Mike Miller June 17, 2012
There is no doubt that increased education has a positive effect when it comes to making smart choices with respect to drugs and alcohol. Virtually all driving under the influence (DUI) offenders are mandated to take an alcohol awareness class. Could these classes be a reason behind fewer DUI arrests over the holidays? In the state of Arizona this past Memorial Day weekend there were 547 arrests for DUI. This according to Arizona employed more than 1,800 officers working DUI che... [More]

Detecting Drugged Up Drivers

by Mike Miller March 2, 2012
The invention of the Breathalyzer test made getting away with drinking and driving much more difficult.  Can you imagine if they had a device that could tell if you were impaired, and to what extent, from everything from marijuana to prescription medication? The battle to help police officer fight drug-riddled drivers has reached the United States Senate.  Two US senators are trying to get the federal government help police departments nationwide obtain the tools and training needed t... [More]