Legalizing Marijuana without Mandatory Drug Education Classes?

by Mike Miller December 7, 2013
Proponents of legalized marijuana claim that all the dire warnings of legalizing marijuana – increased crime and use of other drugs – have not come to fruition. Some of that may be true, but there is no denying that marijuana consumption has gone up over the past decade. Those in support of legalizing marijuana say that while driving under the influence of any intoxicant is dangerous, the research shows that driving after smoking marijuana is less dangerous than after drinking alcoh... [More]

4/20 and Drug Classes, A Symbiotic Relationship

by Mike Miller May 24, 2013
This is the second in a series of blogs looking at the most recent “holiday” celebrated by many in the United States. I am talking about April 20th, or 4/20 as it is better known. Across the country and now around the globe, marijuana enthusiasts use 4/20 as a call to gather and weed in public. As reported in This year, Weed Day enthusiasts hoping to see the tide turn (both politically and socially) on the legalization of marijuana front have more to celebrate than ... [More]

Gateway Drugs Like Tobacco are Path to Drug Classes

by Mike Miller September 7, 2012
There are many who believe that nicotine is a gateway drug for harder drugs. I am one of those people. How do you feel? Tobacco companies target young markets for their new products. Offering a variety of ways and flavors to ingest nicotine is a good way to get kids hooked young. These products make it easy for young nicotine addicts to indulge their habit anywhere, including in the classroom. As reported in The ongoing fight against underage tobacco use is difficult. I... [More]

Tobacco is a Gateway and Leads to Drug Class

by Mike Miller September 4, 2012
Is tobacco the first step on the long road to addiction perdition? Many experts, myself included, certainly believe so. As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes as well as tobacco classes, I see first-hand how many of my students use, or have used, tobacco products. Keep in my mind, all of my students are in attendance due to a drug or tobacco-related incident. Therefore, all of my tobacco students have had at least one incident involving authority due to the use of tobacco prod... [More]

Tobacco Classes teaches About Modern Gateways to Drug Addiction

by Mike Miller August 31, 2012
Is nicotine a gateway drug? I sure think so. I also believe that keeping kids away from nicotine products could seriously put a dent in the number of new recreational drug users every day. It sickens me how tobacco companies target the younger market. Of course the older generation who does not use tobacco products will not be likely to start. Better to get them while their minds are fresh and they feel invincible. As reported in Tobacco companies package nicotine in ca... [More]

Drug Classes Help Keep You Off Heroin

by Mike Miller August 28, 2012
Can you tell me why heroin is gaining in popularity among all age groups? I mean who in their right mind would start using heroin? As a recovering drug addict I can tell you that this drug will kill you or anyone else who uses it. If not for an overdose, it will kill in a plethora of other ways. So why is it making a comeback? Experts seem to think that our country’s addiction to prescription medication is the key factor. They believe that as the price of prescription meds goes up and the... [More]

Gateway Drugs Lead to Tobacco Classes

by Mike Miller August 20, 2012
As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I am quite aware that the majority of my students’ first experience with drugs was nicotine. Would keeping them from ever trying nicotine keep them off heavier drugs in the future. Tobacco companies are smart. They know the target market for their advertising are those under the age of 30, even under the age of 20. They need to get people hooked at a young age and keep them hooked. That is why they have been making billions of dolla... [More]

Drug Classes Desperately Needed in New Mexico

by Mike Miller June 22, 2012
Anyone who has ever watched the AMC television show “Breaking Bad” knows that like everywhere else, drugs are a problem in New Mexico. Recently the state released a report showing an increase in drug overdose deaths of more than 60% from 2001 to 2010. This according to the New York Times. One of the primary drivers of the spike is prescription opioids — painkillers like oxycodone, morphine and methadone — whose sales rose 131 percent during the same period. In New Mexic... [More]

Do Nicotine Addicts Need A Drug Class?

by Mike Miller January 25, 2012
Yes, you read that headline correctly – nicotine addicts need to take a drug class. Whether you smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco, use dip or smoke a pipe, nicotine is a powerfully-addictive chemical substance. You have long heard that marijuana is evil because it is a gateway drug. Well, a new study using mice is seeking to prove that cigarettes are a gateway drug as well. Is Nicotine a Gateway Drug? A recent study reported in Psych Central, in mice identifies a biological mechanism that ... [More]