24 Hour Online Drug Classes May Protect Children

by Mike Miller October 6, 2014
Drug abuse provides one tragic story after another. No story is more tragic than the death of innocent victims. Some states are now working to protect innocent children from drug-addicted parents. They are trying to pass legislation that will provide protection for the young and vulnerable, and prevent more tragic stories like that of Jaidon Morris. As reported in www.goupstate.com. One of the primary components of this legislation is that for parents whose children are taken by the Department... [More]

Can Drug Education Classes Replace Government Dropping the Ball?

by Mike Miller June 28, 2014
This is the fourth in a series of blogs here at onlinedrugclass.com looking at the role of drug prevention played by the US Government. The availability and precision of accurate statistics can be hard to come by. In 2010, NSDUH reported just 60,000 daily or near daily heroin users in American; the number, according to the RAND Corporation (a nonprofit research organization that improves policy through research), was closer to 1 million. Month-to-month reports exposed an even more alarming inco... [More]

Do Not Board a Plane High!

by Mike Miller June 13, 2014
Being intoxicated on an airplane is never a good idea. Have you ever experienced air travel after ingesting too much of an intoxicating substance? If so, I am sure you will agree. At least there’s no question about what this guy was smoking. As reported in www.upi.com. Passengers aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle to Sacramento, Calif., got to make a surprise stop in Portland, thanks to the behavior of a passenger who had apparently smoked “purple hash” prior to ... [More]

Teacher’s Aid Needs to Take a Drug Prevention Class

by Mike Miller May 4, 2014
Do you worry that those instructing your children are bad influences on them? In an ever-terrifying world where danger appears to lurk in every corner comes yet another story to scare parents. This one occurred in San Diego, California but could take place virtually anywhere. A San Diego Unified special education aide continued working in the classroom, after he was arrested at the border with more than $500,000 worth of cocaine and methamphetamine. As reported in www.nbcsandiego.com. How is t... [More]