Miraa Users Could Benefit from an Online Drug Course

by Mike Miller February 28, 2014
As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I need to be an expert on all chemical substances that people use for recreational purposes. One drug that is not at all common here, but quite common in places like Africa is miraa. Have you ever heard of miraa? Do you know that it is estimated that 25% of Kenyan teenagers use this drug? As reported in www.news24.co.ke. What is Miraa? According to Wikipedia and NACADA Miraa is a plant whose fresh leaves and soft twigs are chewed to rel... [More]

Could a Tobacco or Drug Class Could Keep You From Getting Schizophrenia?

by Mike Miller August 25, 2012
There is no denying that tobacco use increases a person’s chances of acquiring a large number of ailments and diseases, including emphysema and cancer. Did you know smokers also are more likely to get schizophrenia? Illicit drug use is common among heavy cigarette smokers in the general population, but according to a recent study of patients with schizophrenia who are heavy smokers, it is most common in the first decade of illness. As reported in www.familypracticenews.com. The findings ... [More]

Drug Classes Teach How Ecstasy Contributes to Memory Loss

by Mike Miller August 19, 2012
Given that a good drug class taken at the right age might keep you from ever using Ecstasy, it would lead you to believe that your memory could be maximized from a drug class. For years we have read about how alcohol and marijuana adversely affect our memory, now comes new research that so too does Ecstasy. This as reported in Fox News. This is the first study of Ecstasy users before they begin to use the drug regularly, which helps rule out alternative causes for the memory loss. They are mea... [More]

Florida Drug Class Could Keep Drugs Out of Your Baby’s System

by Mike Miller May 23, 2012
Florida is seeing a surge in the number of babies born addicted to crack and prescription medication. Not only are they born addicted, but due to parents’ use of illegal drugs, they stay addicted! The effects of a methamphetamine addiction don’t just stop at the user. From the moment of conception to the rest of their lives, children feel the effects of their parent’s or guardian’s addictions - physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. In Florida, out of every 1,0... [More]

Ketamine Users Need Drug Class

by Mike Miller April 27, 2012
Have you ever taken ketamine, or better known as “Special K?” Odds are you know someone who has taken the drug at least once. As with many club drugs, many users do not know the side effects. That is one reason why everyone should take a drug class. Many people who use the club drug ketamine - known as "special K" - may risk abdominal pain, bladder control problems and other urinary tract issues, and the heavier the dose or frequency of use, the more likely the problems. This accord... [More]