Another Celebrity Tragedy -- Drug Education is Critical

by Mike Miller July 13, 2014
Death due to drug use is always tragic. World-famous rocker and Bain-Aid founder Bob Geldof knows the pain one suffers when a life is cut all-too-short due to a drug overdose. Geldof’s beautiful 25-year-old daughter, Peaches died after overdosing on heroin last month. Peaches died in her family home last month while alone with one of her two young sons. Her husband, musician Thomas Cohen, found her body in a spare bedroom in their home. A post-mortem examination failed to establish the ca... [More]

Billy Joel Discusses Personal History with Drugs

by Mike Miller July 3, 2014
Sing us a song Piano Man. Sing to us. The Piano Man, Billy Joel, has gone public with his experiences with drug use, abuse and addiction. He could have wound up dead in a bathroom, like fellow New Yorker Philip Seymour Hoffman. Billy Joel opened up about his past drug use is an interview with Shock Jock Howard Stern. He says that heroin scared him. As reported in The 64-year-old star revealed his past drug use in a new interview with Stern. The candid one-on-one sit down was in fro... [More]

Abusing Prescription Pain Medications

by Mike Miller June 8, 2014
It used to be that a drug problem involved some illicit drug like marijuana, cocaine or heroin. Today the drug problem has expanded greatly, and unless you live in a cave with no access to the Internet and social media, you know that prescription medications are a serious issue. The legislature in the state of Texas is working to try and help alleviate the state’s horrific problem will illicit prescription medications. Lawmakers are looking for strategies to curb emerging substance abuse ... [More]

Drug Education Class Could Save Your Life

by Mike Miller September 30, 2013
If an online alcohol and drug class has any impact on your decision never to experiment with heroin then it will have played a role in saving your life. Heroin use = a ruined life. Very few ever experiment with heroin without suffering severe consequences. Does it sound like a drug you want to stay away from? This is the seventh in a series of blogs looking at heroin use and its horrific consequences. As reported in When you think of heroin what country comes to mind? My first... [More]

Take Drug Awareness Classes, Not Heroin

by Mike Miller September 28, 2013
It terrifies me that heroin is becoming so popular. Anyone who knows anything about the drug would just about sell their soul to keep from becoming addicted. This is not a drug to experiment with. Few, if any, ever make it out unscarred. Despite ruining the lives of addicts, heroin addiction ruins the life of everyone in the nearby and not-so-nearby neighborhoods. There are more burglaries so addicts can support their habits and heavier demands on health, welfare and law enforcement services. N... [More]

Take a 16 Hour Online Drug Class Before Using Heroin

by Mike Miller September 26, 2013
Do you know someone who has tried heroin? How about someone who uses it regularly? Given the current surge in use with the drug, I would not be surprised if you knew a person or two who used. As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I can tell you the number of students in my class who have tried heroin has gone up drastically in the past two years. As reported in Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. About a quarter of everyone who tries it b... [More]

Online Drug School Could Keep You From Trying Heroin

by Mike Miller September 24, 2013
This is the fourth in a series of blogs looking at the increase in use and abuse of heroin. When I was a kid only the most serious druggies took heroin and they were “all” going to over-dose. That is how frightening that drug was and still should be. In previous blogs we discussed how heroin moved out of the big cities and migrated into the suburbs. We also have discussed the role of prescription painkillers as a major cause. As reported in Simple Economics –... [More]

Increase in Heroin Use Means Greater Need for Drug Awareness Classes

by Mike Miller September 22, 2013
This is the third in a series of blogs addressing the current epidemic increase in the use of heroin. In the previous blog we looked at how heroin has made its way out of the ghettos and into middle class and even upper class neighborhoods. Did you know that last year in Portland, Maine heroin killed 21 people? That is three times as many as in 2011. New Hampshire recorded 40 deaths from heroin overdoses last year, up from just 7 a decade ago. In Vermont, the Health Department reported that 914... [More]

Could Online Drug Class be Cure for Heroin Abuse?

by Mike Miller September 20, 2013
How scared are you that heroin use is on the rise? If you are not terrified, you should be. This is going to cost US taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. While it would be impossible to pinpoint an exact reason for the resurgence of this very powerful and lethal drug, most certainly we could look at prescription pain medication. The use and abuse of these high-powered narcotics has to be one of the main reasons for the recent spike in heroin use. As reported in Not only... [More]

Drug Education Abates Heroin Addiction

by Mike Miller September 18, 2013
Once the most feared drug on the planet, so powerful it would scare away would be users, heroin is making a comeback. It is both strong and lethal. Heroin, which has flourished in the nation’s big urban centers over the past few years, has been making an alarming comeback in the smaller cities and towns of New England. From quaint fishing villages on the Maine coast to the interior of the Great North Woods extending across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, there has been a sharp rise in t... [More]