Will Tighter Controls Curb Need for Drug Abuse Classes?

by Mike Miller December 26, 2013
The time has finally come that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is clamping down on prescription medication refills. Don’t you agree this is long overdue? Get this, in 2011, about 131 million prescriptions for hydrocodone-containing medications were written for about 47 million patients, according to government estimates. That amounts to about five billion pills. As reported in www.nytimes.com. The major change is the number of times a prescription can be refilled. Currently patient... [More]

Tighter Controls on Painkillers Increases Need for Drug Education Class

by Mike Miller December 19, 2013
Can it be true that the Food and Drug Administration just recommended tighter controls on how doctors prescribe the most commonly used narcotic painkillers just last month? This seems like a recommendation that should have occurred many, many months ago. Finally! The move represents a major policy shift, so that widely-abused drugs, which contain the narcotic hydrocodone, should be controlled as tightly as more powerful painkillers like OxyContin. As reported in www.nytimes.com. The change wou... [More]

More Potent Pain Killers means More Will Need Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller January 10, 2012
With prescription pain medication seeming to get strong and more addictive by the day, it amazes me that companies now are producing pain killers 10 times more powerful than Vicodin. The new meds will be pure hydrocodone – never before legal in the United States. Do You Think this is a Good Idea? I am troubled because of the dark side that has accompanied the boom in sales of narcotic painkillers: Murders, pharmacy robberies and millions of dollars lost by hospitals that must treat overd... [More]

Medicare Abusers Need Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller October 12, 2011
While seniors may not be the most computer-literate generation, more and more are coming of age to where they are comfortable with the internet of the computer and the Internet. Seniors are abusing prescription drugs and it is costing Americans plenty. A good online drug class may be the answer. How Bad is the Problem? Prescription drug abuse by elderly and disabled beneficiaries of Medicare cost the U.S. program nearly $150 million in 2008, highlighting an area where the government can seek t... [More]