Drug Education Discusses the Dangers of Inhalants

by Mike Miller October 29, 2013
As a kid we thought it was really funny to do “whippets.” Do you know what those are? We used to go into the grocery store and suck out all the gas in a can of whipped cream. The buzz lasted for a minute or two. Today’s inhalants are much more lethal, and the problem is getting worse and is starting with children as young as age 10! Data from national and state surveys suggest that inhalant abuse is most common among 7th through 9th graders. The study found that the nation's s... [More]

Indian Children Need Substance Abuse Class

by Mike Miller October 27, 2013
Is there anything coming out of India lately that has a positive spin? From taking American jobs to serious issues with drugs and alcohol, India certainly appears to be escaping the Third World only to fall victim to the vices that plague the planet’s top-tier nations. As a counselor for both in-class and online drug awareness courses I am hyper-aware of the drug-related stories that happen all over the planet. As reported in www.siliconindia.com. A recent study showed that there are tho... [More]