Could Online Drug Class be Cure for Heroin Abuse?

by Mike Miller September 20, 2013
How scared are you that heroin use is on the rise? If you are not terrified, you should be. This is going to cost US taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. While it would be impossible to pinpoint an exact reason for the resurgence of this very powerful and lethal drug, most certainly we could look at prescription pain medication. The use and abuse of these high-powered narcotics has to be one of the main reasons for the recent spike in heroin use. As reported in Not only... [More]

Drug Education Abates Heroin Addiction

by Mike Miller September 18, 2013
Once the most feared drug on the planet, so powerful it would scare away would be users, heroin is making a comeback. It is both strong and lethal. Heroin, which has flourished in the nation’s big urban centers over the past few years, has been making an alarming comeback in the smaller cities and towns of New England. From quaint fishing villages on the Maine coast to the interior of the Great North Woods extending across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, there has been a sharp rise in t... [More]

Take a Drug Class, Don’t use Heroin

by Mike Miller August 22, 2012
I cannot even imagine why heroin is making a comeback in today’s drug culture. I had hoped the drug would continue its fall from popularity. Nevertheless, heroin has become the deadly crest of a wave of addictive drug use in communities around the country. This as reported in As a less expensive and more readily available substitute for prescription medication heroin rise in popularity also has seen a dramatic increase in overdoses and fatalities rising in nearly every ... [More]

Russians in Need of Drug Classes

by Mike Miller March 15, 2012
Drugs are a global problem. In no place is it more prevalent than Russia. As reported in the New York Times, it is common knowledge that illicit drug use in the Russian Federation has reached critical proportions. It is also common knowledge that people who use drugs are among those most at-risk of infection with H.I.V. And it is common knowledge that since the beginning of the H.I.V./AIDS epidemic three decades ago simple tools such as Medication Assisted Therapy (methadone, buprenorphine) and... [More]