Take an Online Drug Class Before Experimenting with Ketamine

by Mike Miller May 9, 2014
I believe in the saying that you cannot get too much education. This is especially true when recreational drugs are concerned. The message against experimenting with and using drugs needs to be a constant in your face action. Sometimes that is not enough, but it is all we can really do. Sometimes tragedy happens anyway. This is the tale of one such tragedy. This is a perfect example of how one act of stupidity can destroy an entire family. As reported in www.theguardian.com. Ellie Rowe, from G... [More]

Ketamine Users Need Drug Class

by Mike Miller April 27, 2012
Have you ever taken ketamine, or better known as “Special K?” Odds are you know someone who has taken the drug at least once. As with many club drugs, many users do not know the side effects. That is one reason why everyone should take a drug class. Many people who use the club drug ketamine - known as "special K" - may risk abdominal pain, bladder control problems and other urinary tract issues, and the heavier the dose or frequency of use, the more likely the problems. This accord... [More]

British “Clubbers” Need Drug Class

by Mike Miller September 29, 2011
Drugs have long been a problem in the clubs both overseas and here in America.  Now, reports are coming out that "Club drug" abuse in Britain is on the rise, as young people ditch cocaine and heroin for mephedrone and ketamine. Club drugs are constantly re-invented to evade drug laws and have left healthcare professionals ill-equipped to deal with new trends in substance abuse. Patterns of drug use in the UK are changing and over the last two or three years we have continued to see an incr... [More]