Will Breathalyzer Put More People into Marijuana Education Class?

by Mike Miller October 21, 2014
Pot smokers – beware! The day is just about here that police will be able to use a Breathalyzer-type test to determine your level of intoxication with THC. With marijuana legalization making as much progress as it has in the last few years, it was only a matter of time before someone developed a marijuana breathalyzer. It seems a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police is close to doing exactly that. As reported in www.duiblog.com. The new device called the Cannabix was developed by Kal Mal... [More]

Could Dog Send Druggies to Online Drug Class?

by Mike Miller April 10, 2014
We have all heard about bomb-sniffing dogs, and anyone who has been to the international terminal of an airport knows about drug sniffing dogs, but this is taking it all to a very personal level. At onlinedrugclass.com, we like to discuss interesting stories about the world of drug abuse and drug prevention. I think this story from San Diego, California qualifies. After learning prescription drug and heroin use rose significantly in the last five years in San Diego County, former firefighter an... [More]

Online Drug Class Will Educate You on Marijuana and Driving

by Mike Miller November 18, 2013
Marijuana-impaired drivers are all over the road. Don’t believe me? You should. With medical marijuana legal in 18 states and Washington DC is one of the factors fueling a surge in marijuana use in this country. Most drivers know that alcohol severely affects their ability to drive. However, many marijuana users claim that driving stoned is not dangerous. Law enforcement officials have to grapple with the issue of stoned drivers more every day. As reported in www.kingmandailyminer.com. F... [More]

Do Twitter & Facebook Help Keep You Out of DUI School?

by Mike Miller July 24, 2013
Is it just me or does social media seem to be taking over life? Granted I have a Facebook account and have many friends. I use my Facebook page not so much to post photos of myself or detail my day-to-day life, but to congregate with former students and continue to promote alcohol awareness, drug awareness, and the need to continue our efforts to educate and heal. Interestingly, as invasive as social media seems to have become, there is one place it never had occurred to me - DUI checkpoints. O... [More]

Illegal Search & Seizure, Where Do Dogs Fit In?

by Mike Miller January 23, 2012
In the war on drugs our canine friends are suiting up for battle. Drug and bomb sniffing dogs have been around for a long time, but recently their powerful noses have been creating some powerful questions. One question that has recently arisen is does a dog’s nose constitute probable cause to search or enter. In other words, if a dog smells marijuana is that grounds to enter a locked, private residence. In Florida it has fallen to the states Supreme Court to decide. The Supreme Court agr... [More]

Take A Drug Class Before Using Synthetic Marijuana

by Mike Miller January 20, 2012
It seems like society is teeming with marijuana everywhere you look. Of course I live in a state where medical marijuana is currently legal so I see the dispensaries all over the place. If there wasn’t enough real weed, now there is a growing market for synthetic marijuana. One area that has seen a great increase among synthetic marijuana user is the US military. Men, armed to the teeth, in incredibly stressful situations, doped out of their mind. Sounds like a lethal cocktail right? U.S... [More]

Drug Class Reinforces Need for Prescription Drug Database

by Mike Miller January 9, 2012
Trying to control the rampant abuse of prescription drugs is a prescient problem. So far no strong remedy has been discovered. Do you have any thoughts on how to curb this problem? How would you feel about a national prescription drug database? The state of California had established just such a database to help control its raging problem. For some reason California officials are preparing to shut down the database used to track abusive pill seekers and doctor shoppers. Ending this database w... [More]

Mexican Police Major Part of Drug Problem

by Mike Miller November 11, 2011
No one will deny that drugs are ruining their country. Mexico is spending on its federal police forces like never before as it fights powerful drug cartels, trying to overcome a long history of corruption, abuse and incompetence. Since taking office in late 2006, President Felipe Calderon has pumped up the public security ministry's budget threefold, growing federal police ranks from 6,000 agents to 35,000 now. Financial aid from the United States has helped pay for top-of-the-line equipment a... [More]