The Producers of The Movie Ted Needs a Drug Education Class

by Mike Miller August 9, 2012
I love going to the movies. One of my favorite actors in Mark Wahlberg. While not Academy Award winning talent, Wahlberg has consistently picked good, enjoyable films and he seems to be maturing as he ages. Until now! Making an adult movie (R rated) starring a teddy bear is not a good idea. As a father of young children who have been exposed to the commercial trailers on television, I am left with a sick feeling that too many kids are going to see this movie. The cuddly teddy bear in this mov... [More]

Online Drug Class Movie Review

by Mike Miller January 3, 2012
Fewer and fewer Hollywood films glorify drug use. When I was a kid I thought Jeff Spicoli was the coolest guy on the planet. Sean Penn instantly became my favorite actor! Now with movies like Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” and television shows like AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” drug use and abuse is not shown in a positive light. Now comes a powerful short film “Our Scene” to help warn youngsters of the consequences of taking drugs. The English-lang... [More]