Drug and Alcohol Course Can Save You From an Unwanted Sexual Assault

by Mike Miller August 15, 2013
There is no denying that chemical substances like alcohol and drugs affect our behavior. Often we will do things while intoxicated that we would not when sober. There is no doubt that drug users will attest to the fact that sometime drugs can impair or have negative effects on one’s decision-making abilities. Intoxicated women most certainly are prone to making poorer decisions than when sober. That is true of all people because, once again, drugs and alcohol impair coherent thought. An... [More]

Parents Should Take Drug Class to Learn About Medication Abuse

by Mike Miller January 3, 2013
This is the third in a series of blog entries designed to examine how parents can stop prescription medication abuse by their progeny before it gets too bad. In previous entries we examined how clueless most parents are to see the problem before their child has a prescription-medication-related incident. This blog will examine one easy way to minimize the chances that your child will abuse prescription medications or any other drug. As reported in www.philly.com. First, and most important &nda... [More]

Drug Education Classes Can Keep You Sober

by Mike Miller August 11, 2012
Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol?  Are you in denial? Let’s start by asking the simple question of how often you use drugs (including alcohol). More than likely, if you drink or use any drug every day, you are an addict.  Of course there are exceptions. If you drink one beer after work or one glass of wine every night with dinner I will exclude you from this discussion. However, if you drink two or more drinks, smoke pot, or do any other drug every day then you need to be pa... [More]