Physicians Creating Need for More Drug Classes

by Mike Miller September 14, 2013
Could the headline above possibly be true? Are doctors actually creating a need for more drug classes? In essence, the question is, are they fueling their patient’s chemical dependence issues. The answer to all of these is a resounding yes! A recent study conducted in the state of New Jersey uncovered a serious problem with doctors shuttling patients around to help them get many different prescriptions. That, to me, is inconceivable and completely reprehensible. As reported in www.thedail... [More]

Doctors in Dire Need of Drug Education

by Mike Miller September 8, 2013
Addiction can happen to anyone. There is no sex, race or creed immune to its virulent talons. This also is true of every profession. Yes, even physicians suffer from addiction issues. Sometimes it is for drugs, other times for greed – sometimes for both. The most recent buzz came mostly by word-of-mouth but also from fliers circulated among New Jersey’s homeless Medicaid recipients and drug addicts. It told them where to get pain pills — and fast — prescribed by corrupt ... [More]

Do You Take Prescription Pain Killers? Take a Drug Class Too

by Mike Miller November 22, 2012
Our nation’s addiction to prescription medication is alarming. Pain killers are the primary culprit. Often people who have a legitimate injury are prescribed these high-powered narcotics, which do such a good job of relieving the physical pain that patients continue their use long after the physical pain subsides. Most of know someone who is addicted top prescription pain killers From Vicodin to OxyContin doctors are prescribing more heavy-duty medications and more of us are becoming addi... [More]

Why Some Doctors Need Prescription Drug Classes

by Mike Miller June 9, 2012
I say doctors need drug classes because they are arrested for drug-related offenses. The doctors I am talking about need more than just a simple drug class. This group of doctors needs jail time! They are total criminals. They are pill pushers. Is charging these pill pushers the answer to the prescription medication problem in the United States? I would say in part – yes. A prosecutor in Los Angeles has brought murder charges against a doctor described as a pill pusher and likely respons... [More]