Toronto Mayor Should Have Taken a Drug Awareness Class

by Mike Miller December 29, 2013
One would like to believe his elected officials are not total party animals. I remember 23 years ago when Marion Berry, the mayor of Washington DC was busted for smoking crack in a room full of prostitutes. Despite admitting his transgression the uber-intelligent intellectuals of our nation’s capital voted him back into office just four years later. As reported in Will Toronto residents be as kind to its mayor, Rob Ford? Despite the call for him to step aside after he publi... [More]

Does Sarah Palin Need a Drug Awareness Class?

by Mike Miller September 20, 2011
I want to begin this by saying I am a dead centrist in my political views. As a God-loving man, I certainly lean toward conservative moral values, however, I certainly stand on the left side of the fence more than occasionally. Therefore, know that this is not just a bash on former Vice-Presidential candidate Palin or her fellow conservatives, Tea Partiers and whatnot! Snowballin’ While Snowmobiling I am sure you have heard about the latest Palin biography, “The Rogue: Searching fo... [More]