Rand Paul Knows Need for Drug Classes

by Mike Miller May 6, 2013
Love him or hate him, at least Rand Paul says what is on his mind. Unlike many politicians who preach only what their party leaders tell them to, Rand certainly beats to the drum of his own drummer, and for that I respect him. Paul, the polarizing junior senator from Kentucky, has reignited the debate surrounding marijuana. He is on record with his belief that kids who smoke marijuana should not be sent to jail. A self-proclaimed libertarian and "constitutional conservative," Paul introduced a ... [More]

Partisan Politics Reveals Need for Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 22, 2011
What are your thoughts of partisan politics? Are your views so strong you are unwilling to bend on absolutely any issue?  That sure seems to be the case today with the US Congress. I don’t know about you, but the all-or-nothing mentality in Congress these days has me pretty pissed off! The "designer drug" law written in 1986 prohibited classes of drugs before they could even be invented and before they could be found to be beneficial or harmful. The presumption behind this ban, that ... [More]

Congress Needs Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 20, 2011
I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of partisan politics! Regardless of your political affiliation, it is insane how little compromise our nation’s “leaders” are willing to give. It makes me totally sick! Not surprisingly, today, the 112th Congress is stalled, mired in partisan conflict. It seems to have been the case since I have been old enough to understand and follow anything to do with politics. Partisanship has led Congress to move too fast, and that p... [More]