American Workplace Needs Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 13, 2011
How bad is drug problem in the American workplace? How many American workers are high on the job? How many are selling illegal drugs while at work? The arrest of more than three dozen people on drug charges at a Boeing military aircraft plant highlights the growing problem of prescription drug abuse by U.S. workers. You probably have read about the 37 people, all but one of them current or former Boeing employees, charged with selling or trying to buy painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs at the ... [More]

New York Targets Prescription Drug Abuse – Part II

by Mike Miller November 9, 2011
This is another entry in my series of blogs regarding New York’s efforts to curb prescription drug abuse. The efforts of its politicians and civic leaders is laudable. Senator Timothy M Kennedy has introduced the Michael David Israel Laws as four separate bills which together represent a comprehensive approach to addressing the prescription drug abuse epidemic. The new bills target training for health practitioners, patient access to information, addiction transition and reform to the con... [More]

Drug Awareness Coming to New York

by Mike Miller November 8, 2011
There is virtually no place in the United States where prescription drugs are not being abused. The State of New York is ramping up its efforts to curb this disease of epidemic proportions, and hopefully other states will follow suit. Senator Kennedy Spearheading Charge New York congressman Brian Higgins and New York State Senator Timothy M. Kennedy on Monday announced actions they are taking to address the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse. This announcement comes just days after U... [More]

Boston Red Sox Former Manager Needs Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller November 6, 2011
As an avid fan of the New York Yankees, watching the Boston Red Sox collapse down the stretch to miss the playoffs was awesome. As a baseball fan I have long-respected the team’s manager Terry Francona. As the Boston Red Sox disintegrated in what would become the worst September collapse in baseball history, some at Fenway Park grew concerned that the pain medication Francona was taking after a half-dozen procedures on his knee was affecting his ability to manage. Francona left the team ... [More]

Online Drug Class Can Teach You About Prescription Drug Abuse

by Mike Miller November 5, 2011
The battle to curb the ever-growing problem of prescription drug abuse has definitely gotten the attention of federal authorities. This Friday the U-S Attorney's Office will host a first-of-its-kind Prescription Drug Summit. It is an effort to educate the public about the growing problem of prescription drug abuse that is now an epidemic. How A Family Was Devastated A Buffalo, New York family is trying to recover from the devastation that occurred in their home this past June related to prescr... [More]

Drug Class Could Impede Pill Mills

by Mike Miller November 2, 2011
This is a storyline that you hear every day. Until some serious controls are put in place, and people are made aware of the dangers of taking prescription medication, you are going to hear it time and again! According to the Centers for Disease Control, one American dies of a drug overdose every 14 minutes ... with a rapidly increasing share of those deaths caused by prescription drugs. It's the sort of statistic law enforcement officials in one Florida county know about all too well. Instead... [More]

Take Drug Class: Do Not Abuse Prescription Drugs

by Mike Miller October 9, 2011
As parents, relatives, teachers and concerned adults, we spend a lot of time helping teens circumvent the challenges that could ruin their lives. Yes, for all we do, it is their peers that seem to have the most influence. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is substance abuse. We talk to them about the hazards of underage alcohol use and the problems associated with abusing marijuana and other dangerous drugs such as heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. According to national statistics, we're... [More]

Prescription Drug Users Need Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller October 1, 2011
How bad is the prescription medication problem in this country? Depending on who you speak to it is either bad or very bad. A sting operation in Florida turned up a bunch of criminals operating in the illegal prescription drug market. How does this illegal network work? The phony prescriptions were printed out on a home computer and passed out to "runners" who got them filled at local pharmacies. Then the pain pills were divvied up: half for the runner to keep, half for the drug dealer to sell... [More]

Drug Class Can Help With Withdrawals

by Mike Miller September 26, 2011
For those of you who read my blog regularly you know how concerned I am about the abuse of prescription drugs in this country. There are entire businesses set up solely for the purpose of writing out prescriptions. These “pill mills” are becoming yet another bane of American society. What these doctors who have no moral compass and prescribe pills for anyone with the cash to pay for the visit fail to realize is that they are ruining the lives of people. These people will become hope... [More]

Do Doctors Need Drug Class?

by Mike Miller September 21, 2011
It seems like everything is reaching epidemic proportions in this country.  From alcohol and drug abuse to theft, our nation is bound by negative addictions.  One of the most serious, and seemingly legal, is the overconsumption of prescription drugs. Is it me, or does it seem like more and more doctors are doing less work, instead just providing a prescription medication?  Of course there is the huge case pending right now against Dr Conrad Murray in the death of pop star and ico... [More]