Nurses Stealing Pain Meds Need Drug and Anti-Theft Courses

by Mike Miller July 28, 2014
Are you frightened of an upcoming hospital visit or surgery? While I would like to say those fears are ill-founded, you may have good reason to fear. As crazy as it sounds, the fact is that many healthcare professionals may be performing their jobs under the influence of a controlled substance. There's been a steady stream of news lately about nurses charged with stealing pain meds. In later parts of this series we will look at a theft from a labor and delivery unit and this one from a nursing h... [More]

Nurses at Risk for Drug Addiction

by Mike Miller July 23, 2014
Perhaps you have been reading about the huge problem with drug use and abuse among healthcare professionals. There's been a rash of headlines involving healthcare workers abusing—and sometimes overdosing and dying from—prescription drugs. In December, a cardiovascular ICU nurse was found dead in the bathroom of a University of Michigan hospital. Months later, The Ann Arbor News reported that she died from an overdose of the opiate Fentanyl and the benzodiazepine Midazolam, two sedati... [More]