Recent Study Shows Increased Need for 8 Hour Drug Classes

by Mike Miller July 26, 2012
As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I have strong opinions about drug and alcohol use and abuse. A recently completed study, noted as the most comprehensive ever, has uncovered some of the myths surrounding addiction issues. First is the perception that most of the people who wind up in jail are illiterate or poorly educated. The truth is that more than half of people in jail have graduated from high school or have received their GED certificate. Almost 25% had attended co... [More]

Medical Marijuana Study Skewed

by Mike Miller July 10, 2012
Do you live in a state where marijuana is legal? Does your state have a problem with youth and marijuana? Do you think there is a link between the two? Marijuana use among teens has been on the rise for some time--it's become more popular than smoking cigarettes in recent years--but a provocative new study shows that legalizing pot for medical purposes doesn't increase the chance that teens will abuse it or certain other drugs. "There is anecdotal evidence that medical marijuana is finding its... [More]

Meth & Marijuana Use Can Lead to Schizophrenia

by Mike Miller January 29, 2012
If you needed one more reason not to start taking crystal meth how about this – it can increase your chances of suffering from schizophrenia. According to, researchers in Toronto, Canada have found evidence that heavy methamphetamine users might have a higher risk of developing schizophrenia. This finding was based on a study comparing the risk among methamphetamine users not only to a group that did not use drugs, but also to heavy users of other drugs. Methamphetamine... [More]

Number of People Needing Drug and Alcohol Classes On the Rise

by Mike Miller January 22, 2012
Let’s face it – drugs and alcohol are more pervasive in society today than ever. The number of designer drugs and ways people are finding to get high have never been greater. How many people do you know who drink alcohol? How many of your acquaintances use marijuana or stronger drugs? Do you know anyone abusing prescription pain medication? I bet you do. Life is a numbers game. The number of people abusing chemical substances is in an inflationary period that shows no signs of stag... [More]

White and Black Kids Need Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller December 21, 2011
What role does race play with respect to substance abuse?  It may play a larger role than you think. White children between the ages of 12 and 17 are nearly twice as likely to have a drug problem than African-Americans, despite African-American children being nearly twice as likely to be arrested for a drug charge, separate studies have revealed. The study on drug abuse, published Monday by the Archives of General Psychiatry, used data from 72,561 youth interviewed by the National Survey ... [More]

Ivory Wave users Better Hurry to Drug Awareness Class

by Mike Miller September 17, 2011
People selling drugs and people doing drugs are always looking for a way to legitimize and make their activity legal. I have written about bath salts that have been ground up and snorted, causing ridiculously harmful effects including in many cases, death. Now comes ivory wave. Have you heard about it? If so, stay the heck away from it. The substance has a similar euphoric effect to ecstasy and is sold widely online. Earlier this year a coroner found that ivory wave may have been a "strong co... [More]