Teaches About the Dangers of Prescription Meds

by Mike Miller July 18, 2014
If by this point you are unaware of the horrific problem with addiction to prescription pain medication you are deaf, dumb and blind. At we look to educate people as to the dangers of all types of drugs. We do this by giving out facts and support those facts with real-life examples. Following are the ABCs of prescription medication abuse. As reported in Definition Prescription drug abuse is taking the drug as it was not intended to be taken. This incl... [More]

Should Drug Classes be a Part of the Government's Response to Drug Abuse?

by Mike Miller June 18, 2014
This is the third in a series of blogs here at which addresses the role of government in that battle against drug use and abuse. In the previous blogs we looked at how Congress has dropped one of its most vital research programs (I encourage you to go back and read these). The program was called The Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring survey (ADAM). As reported in This survey promised (and delivered) confidentiality and anonymity, arrestees had nothing to... [More]

Drug Classes Teach That Marijuana is Illegal Everywhere in the USA

by Mike Miller August 23, 2013
With all of the news about legalizing marijuana going on these days you could almost believe it was legally okay to possess and use marijuana. With its current status as a medicinal alternative in more than 15 states you might think it actually was a medicine. Folks, beware - marijuana is illegal under federal law in any amount in any location in the country. Here are some facts about marijuana use in our country. Can you believe that more than one in three people (33.5% of the entire populati... [More]

Drug Classes May Help Curb Current Rise in Drug Use

by Mike Miller February 5, 2013
This is the second in a series of blog entries dedicated to the current use of drugs and alcohol by our nation’s youth. A recent national study addressed the drug and alcohol usage of our nation’s youth. It used 8th, 10th and 12th graders. The numbers clearly are disturbing. With what we know, increased alcohol and drug education, through mandatory alcohol classes and drug classes may be the cog that motivates the wheel of change. As reported in Most of us readin... [More]

NIDA Report Shows Need for Drug Classes

by Mike Miller February 1, 2013
Do you think drug and alcohol issues are on the rise for teens? The latest report from the National Institute On Drug Abuse shows an increased need for drug classes and alcohol classes. The interesting part of this report is that it addressed middle schoolers as well, using grades 8, 10 and 12. As reported in In many of my blogs you have heard me say that older is not wiser. So many people make poor decision as they age. The Message is Definitely Clear I think the anti-alc... [More]

Recent Study Shows Increased Need for 8 Hour Drug Classes

by Mike Miller July 26, 2012
As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I have strong opinions about drug and alcohol use and abuse. A recently completed study, noted as the most comprehensive ever, has uncovered some of the myths surrounding addiction issues. First is the perception that most of the people who wind up in jail are illiterate or poorly educated. The truth is that more than half of people in jail have graduated from high school or have received their GED certificate. Almost 25% had attended co... [More]

Drug Education Classes Could Save up to 200,000 Deaths Per Year!

by Mike Miller July 12, 2012
Do drugs kill? You bet they do. As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I often ask my students if they have any experience with friends or family members dying from drug abuse. Not surprisingly, many have. A recent study revealed reported by Sky News that fewer than one in five people needing help for drug abuse receive it. The net result is more than 200,000 people succumbing to drug addiction issues each year. Global treatment for drug abusers costs $US250 billion if everyo... [More]

Medical Marijuana Creates Greater Need for Drug Classes

by Mike Miller May 21, 2012
Do you think more teens are smoking marijuana today than in the 1960s and 1970s? If so, you are wrong! A recent survey according to, found that nearly 1 in 10 teens said they smoke marijuana at least 20 or more times a month. That’s up 80 percent for past month marijuana use since the last survey conducted in 2008. There are many explanations given for this. I think legal medical marijuana is one reason for the increase in use. Why? Because it is so readily available. A second ... [More]

Online Drug Class Exposes Major Problem With Prescription Medication

by Mike Miller May 11, 2012
Do you take any prescription medications that were not prescribed for you? If not, you soon will be in the minority. That’s how rampant prescription medication abuse is in this country right now! According to a recent US Government study, more than 70 percent of people who abuse prescription pain relievers obtain the drugs from friends or relatives, usually with permission and for free. The study, reported in Reuters, based on an ongoing national survey of nearly 70,000 Americans aged 12... [More]

Number of People Needing Drug and Alcohol Classes On the Rise

by Mike Miller January 22, 2012
Let’s face it – drugs and alcohol are more pervasive in society today than ever. The number of designer drugs and ways people are finding to get high have never been greater. How many people do you know who drink alcohol? How many of your acquaintances use marijuana or stronger drugs? Do you know anyone abusing prescription pain medication? I bet you do. Life is a numbers game. The number of people abusing chemical substances is in an inflationary period that shows no signs of stag... [More]