Can 24 Hour Online Drug Course Keep Your Kid Off Steroids?

by Mike Miller October 17, 2013
Most of the information out there regarding teens and drugs involve marijuana, cocaine and other recreational drugs. Little light is shed on another drug that kids are taking with greater frequency – steroids. Teens might see steroid use as popular among professional athletes, especially with one of the most famous baseball players to date, Alex Rodriguez, admitting to using steroids, but when teens do use them, they face drastic effects to the body. There are many different anabolic-andr... [More]

Serious Lifters Need Online Drug Class

by Mike Miller December 8, 2011
Since the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger drug abuse has been rampant among body builders.  They always are looking for the best steroid to help their muscles recovery more quickly so they can work out longer and harder. In Australia, drug abuse among those serious gym rats is becoming concerning. They are a growing subculture known as "shredders" - Perth men who spend hours in the gym in pursuit of the "perfect" male body. The young, often tattooed, men are usually seen with arms and chest ... [More]